Adrian Pierorazio | AIChE

Adrian Pierorazio

Senior Director
Jensen Hughes

Adrian is a senior director with Jensen Hughes. He brings almost three decades of experience in process safety management (PSM) in its many aspects with a focus on explosion modeling. Adrian has worked as a consultant most of his career, working on 5 continents in various roles such as incident investigation, PSM consulting, methodology development, stakeholder and regulatory support, and training. He has also spent 5 years as a government researcher and short stint with utility power generation, working with thermal and nuclear power plants. Adrian has published widely in peer-reviewed journals, conference papers, and journal articles, and was one of the lead authors for the Center for Chemical process Safety (CCPS) handbook on explosion modelling, the ASM Handbook, and has contributed to several others.

As an incident investigator, Adrian has led major industrial incidents investigations globally for a variety of clients: owners, operators, third parties, insurers, underwriters, and government. In this role, he has worked on some of the most high-profile industrial incidents in recent decades, including landmark incidents such as Sunrise Propane and Lac Megantic in Canada; Sonatrach LNG in Skikda, Algeria; and BP Texas City and Deepwater Horizon in the US. 

Adrian continues to support standards development in PSM issues with CSA, UL, and IEC/ISO, teaches courses in PSM and quantitative risk assessment at the graduate level and has been a champion of PSM in all his work.