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The Center for Hydrogen Safety Launches Credential to Equip the Rapidly Evolving Hydrogen Industry

June 28, 2022

The credential is the latest offering in hydrogen safety education and resources produced by the Center for Hydrogen Safety

NEW YORK – Keeping pace with hydrogen’s growing role in the clean energy transition, the Center for Hydrogen Safety (CHS) – the global authority on the safe use and handling of hydrogen – is marking its third anniversary by releasing a Fundamental Hydrogen Safety Credential. The Credential will equip professionals with the latest, most comprehensive training material on safe hydrogen use.

“We are celebrating our third year supporting the global transition to hydrogen by developing and deploying essential training and education resources to industry stakeholders,” said Nick Barilo, Executive Director, CHS. “The Fundamental Credential enables industry participants to demonstrate their comprehension of hydrogen’s properties and commitment to  handling it safely.”

CHS’ Fundamental Hydrogen Safety Credential answers the growing call for training and preparedness for the industrial use of hydrogen and highlights the industry’s commitment and readiness to deploy it safely, instilling stakeholder and public confidence. By advocating the credential and its associated safety training, industry stakeholders can:

  • Build a more qualified, knowledgeable, and prepared workforce
  • Safeguard the public with credentialed employees who demonstrate a defined level of proficiency
  • Provide their organization with a competitive advantage as prospective customers decide on the best partner

In just three short years, CHS has engaged a community of more than 95 industry-leading organizations who play a major role in hydrogen’s safe expansion. Collectively, they have contributed to numerous new hydrogen projects and shared knowledge and best practices.

In addition to establishing a robust think tank of safety professionals, CHS has developed more than 19 products via its H2Tools resource and engaged with more than 40,000 participants via its comprehensive conference programming.  

“This is just the beginning for us,” added Barilo. “The level of participation and interest in our community by organizations committed to deploying hydrogen safely is rapidly growing, and we’re prepared to support their needs.”

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