6th Battery and Energy Storage Conference | AIChE

The Battery and Energy Storage Conference seeks to engage scientists, engineers, and policy makers working in the fields of energy storage and conversion technologies to identify, communicate, and explore current advancements in storage materials, devices, and systems. This year's event will focus on the 3 overarching topics of Critical Materials & Mining, Grid-level Storage, and Transportation. 

The Call for Abstracts is Open!

Submission Deadline: Wednesday, August 14, 2024

This year’s conference will emphasize three critical areas shaping the future of energy storage. Submit today to be able to present a poster or oral presentation at this year's Battery and Energy Storage (BES) Conference in one of the following 3 main topics:

  • Critical Materials & Mining: Latest advancements and challenges in sourcing and processing essential materials for battery technology
  • Grid-Level Storage: Evolution of new stationary storage solutions for a resilient grid that integrates renewable energy sources, focusing on new materials and concepts that can significantly decrease cost and improve safety and cyclability— including hydrogen-based solutions.
  • Transportation: Research, industry trends, and strategies for moving away from fossil-fueled vehicles to electric cars, trucks, and public transit— including work on rapid charging, synthetic fuel, and fuel-cells.
  • Electrolytes: Innovative electrolyte materials, their role in enhancing battery performance, and future trends shaping energy storage technology
  • Decarbonization Pathways: Strategies and technologies for reducing carbon emissions through advanced energy storage solutions, discussing solutions such as electrocatalysis and industrial chemical recycling


  • Critical Materials & Mining

  • Grid-level Storage

  • Transportation

  • Electrolysis

  • Decarbonization Pathways

Funding Opportunities Available

Thanks to the generous support of the AIChE® Foundation, we are pleased to announce that student and post-doc attendees have the opportunity to apply for financial support to attend the 6th Battery and Energy Storage Conference!

Awardees will recieve complimentary registration. There is also up to $500 in travel support available for each applicant on a limited basis.

Photos from last year's event!

Top Reasons to Attend the Battery and Energy Storage(BES) Conference:

Attending this conference will not only keep you informed about the latest trends and developments but also position you to contribute meaningfully to the advancement of energy storage technologies. Join us to connect, learn, and lead the way in transforming the future of energy:

  • Networking Opportunities: This conference is an excellent platform to connect with leading scientists, engineers, and policymakers from around the world. Build connections that can lead to collaborative research and new projects. 

  • Exposure to New Ideas and Technologies: Gain valuable insights from leading experts on the latest research, developments, and innovations in storage materials, devices, and systems. Discover cutting-edge technologies and new ideas with practical applications for research and business ventures.

  • Exchanging Knowledge and Best Practices: You will have the opportunity to share your own experiences, research findings, and best practices with the broader community.

  • Career Development: Enhance your professional knowledge and skills by learning from the best in the field. This conference offers an excellent opportunity for continuing education and professional development.