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Energy Education & Outreach

AIChE has recently formed its Energy Issues Committee to advise policy makers on energy matters. Please let us know if you would like help in this effort by emailing us at

CEI Education Modules

Thermodynamic Analysis of Petroleum and Bio-based Fuels in Internal Combustion Engines

Jeffrey R. Seay & David L. Silverstein, University of Kentucky

Guided Inquiry Activities using the Ideal Internal Combustion Engine Simulator

Jeffrey R. Seay & David L. Silverstein, University of Kentucky

Therm​odynamic Analysis of Processes for Hydrogen Generation by Decomposition of Water

John P. O'Connell, University of Virginia

Other Educational Resources

CEI Outreach Activities

K-12 Outreach on Carbon Capture:  Chalk from CO2

Co-located with the Carbon Management Technology Conference 2013 in Alexandria, VA on Oct. 20, 2013, this hands-on workshop featured Tony Butterfield from the University of Utah presenting teaching modules on carbon capture designed for high school teachers to help their students understand more about carbon capture. The modules, “Carbon Capture in Water” and “Carbon Captured Chalk,” were developed by Alissa Park, Columbia University, in association with the NSF-funded Research Coordination Network on Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (RCN-CCUS)

Prof. Butterfield also presented the modules for over 45 high school students at the outreach session at AIChE’s 2013 Annual Meeting in San Francisco, CA.  Read a ChEnected blog post about that session here.  To view Butterfield’s presentation, click here.  Additionally, Butterfield and the University of Utah Department of Chemical Engineering have many other teaching modules on various subjects that can be viewed here.

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