Hydrogen Safety Panel

The Hydrogen Safety Panel was created to address concerns about hydrogen as a safe and sustainable energy carrier. Its principal objective is to promote the safe operation, handling, and use of hydrogen and hydrogen systems across all installations and applications. It believes this objective can be achieved through a variety of hydrogen safety efforts and activities, and that success will be measured by how effectively it is able to help:

  • identify and address safety-related technical data gaps
  • make design, construction, and operations personnel aware of relevant issues and best practices that affect safe operation and handling of hydrogen and related systems
  • convince design, construction, and operations personnel to give sufficient priority to safety in their daily, ongoing work.

The Hydrogen Safety Panel contributes to this objective by:

  • participating in safety reviews
  • providing safety planning guidance
  • reviewing project designs and safety plans
  • sharing safety knowledge and best practices
  • presenting and recognizing safety as a priority
  • participating in incident investigations.

The Panel’s approach is to focus on engagement, learning, and discussion rather than on audit or regulatory exercises, and to build on, rather than duplicate, the efforts of others such as the good work being done by codes and standards development organizations.

For more information, please visit the Hydrogen Safety Panel website