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Biological Software Tools

As the field of biology explodes, so have the software tools dedicated to it.  Here are some.

  • Bioperl -- A collection of Perl modules that facilitate the development of Perl scripts for bioinformatics applications
  • ExP€Rt -- A Tool for Automated qPCR Data Analysis -- Automatically normalize and graph your qPCR data.
  • MATLAB -- Bioinformatics Toolbox software provides access to genomic and proteomic data formats, analysis techniques, and specialized visualizations for genomic and proteomic sequence and microarray analysis
  • RNAFold -- The RNAfold web server will predict secondary structures of single stranded RNA or DNA sequences
  • R-project -- R is a free software environment for statistical computing and graphics.
  • VectorNTI -- A bioinformatics software package. Offered free for students.