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Apps for Bioengineers

  • Atomdroid (Android) -- At its simplest usage, this app allows users to construct molecules. However, it further allows users to open pdb files where it can then perform various simulations and analyses, as well as local and global energetic computational resource.
  • Biology I Lite (iOS) -- Great general resource for learning introductory concepts of biology. Also, contains many questions to track progress and has the option of creating your own quiz.
  • Chemistry by Design (iOS) -- Provides a collection of interactive, virtual flashcards for 288 synthetic sequences assisting anyone studying organic chemistry.
  • Chemistry Helper (Android) -- Offers a fairly comprehensive chemistry resource with plenty of tabulated information such as charges of common polyatomic ions, solubility rules, and physical constants, to name a few. This app also features many useful organic chemistry resources and general chemistry tools. 
  • CloningBench (iOS) -- Allows researchers to search by cut-site, name, or buffer. The majority of the app consists of molecular biology calculators such as: nucleic acid concentration, bacterial growth, molar quantities, and more.
  • Lab Assistant (iOS) -- Offers useful information on physical properties and handling techniques of common materials, as well as having the compatibility of common laboratory chemicals.
  • Molarity (iOS) -- Provides an easy-to-use tool to calculate how to precisely make solutions of a particular molarity with tabs that offer many more options including "stock solution", and "acid and base".
  • VideoScience (iOS) -- Hosts a collection of videos of science demonstrations. Dan Menelly, the host of the episodes, explains the concepts behind each demonstration, as well as general considerations when performing the experiments on your own.