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Poster Numbers


Poster Number Name Affliation Title
1 Evan Zhao Princeton University Design, Characterization, and Modeling of Rapid Optogenetic Inverter Circuits for Dynamic Control in Yeast Metabolic Engineering
2 Nicholas Fritz Arizona State University Modeling Light Propagation in Mouse Sciatic Nerve
3 Steve Blair University of Utah Optical Efficiency of the Utah Optrode Array for Optogenetic Neural Stimulation
4 Ken Berglund Emory University School of Medicine Improved Membrane Trafficking of Luminopsins for More Efficient Optogenetic and Chemogenetic Control of Neuronal Activity
5 Yee Fun Lee Boston University School of Medicine Astrocytic Contributions to Disrupted Slow Oscillations in a Mouse Model of Alzheimer's Disease
6 Julie Han The George Washington University All-Optical Characterization Platform for Crispri Gene Modulation in Human Ips-Cardiomyocytes
7 Weizhen Li The George Washington University High-Throughput Optogenetics-Enabled Platform for the Assessment of Ips-Cardiomyocyte Maturity
8 Markus M. Kramer University of Freiburg Multichromatic Control of Signaling Pathways in Mammalian Cells
9 Wei Liu The George Washington University Quantifying Hypoxia in Human Cardiomyocytes Using All-Optical Tools
10 Sebastian PilsI Universität Bonn Light Dependent RNA Interference to Control the Human Cell Cycle
11 Gaoxiang Mei, Cesar M. Cavini Boston University Engineered Near-Infrared Absorbing Quasar Transmembrane Voltage Sensors:Â Applications for Brain Imaging
12 Lian He Texas A&M University Engineered LOV2 As a Modular Domain for Optogenetic Control of Calcium Signals and Genome Engineering
13 Shriya Srinivasan MIT Closed-Loop Optogenetic Control of Peripheral Hind Limb Movement
14 Zubayer Ibne Ferdous Lehigh University All-Optical Mapping of Neural Connectivity in Vitro
15 Hannah Morgan The College of New Jersey Physiological Characterization of the Lateral Hypothalamus Inputs to the Ventral Tegmental Area Glutamate Neurons
16 Catarina Cunha Nathan Kline Institute Duplex Optogenetic Stimulation System Modulates Compulsive Motor Behaviors
17 Nina Wichert Hannover University Light-Induced Protein Synthesis in Mammalian Cells
18 Amit Sangwan Northeastern University Optogenomic Interfaces: Applications, Proof of Concept and Enabling Technologies
19 Guillermo Herrera-Arcos MIT Optogenetic Digital Nervous System
20 Eric Zhang Clemson University A Material's Approach to Noninvasive Optogenetics By Coupling x-Rays and Sub-100 Nm Silicate Scintillators