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Poster Session Presenters


Poster Number Title Name Affiliation
1 Gene and Drug Delivery with Sirna-Phospholipid Conjugates for Cancer Treatment Jianmin Xing Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences
2 Entirely Biometabolizable Biliverdin Nanoparticles As Photoacoustic and Fluorescent Imaging Probes Parinaz Fathi University of Illinois
3 Bulk-State and Single-Particle Imaging Elucidate the Effects of Precursor Composition and Reaction Temperature on Carbon Dot Photophysics Parinaz Fathi University of Illinois
4 Personalized Absorbable Gastrointestinal Stents for Intestinal Fistulae and Perforations Parinaz Fathi University of Illinois
6 Evaluation of Cytochrome Oxidase P450-Cell Penetrating Agent-Magnetite Nanobioconjugates As Anti-Carcinogenic Treatment Vehicles Juan C Cruz Universidad de los Andes
7 Paracrine Response of MSCs on 3D SIS Scaffolds: Assessment By a Wound Healing Assay Carolina Muñoz Camargo Johns Hopkins University
8 In Vitro Methods to Study the Skin Microbiome Andrea C. Timm Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
9 The Introduction of Designing a Hybrid Brain Computer Interface System Sorush Niknamian Liberty University
10 Role of iPSC-Derived Pericytes on Barrier Function of iPSC-Derived Brain Microvascular Endothelial Cells in 2D and 3D John Jamieson Johns Hopkins University
11 Layer-By-Layer Surface Engineering of Acoustic Biomolecules Bill Ling California Institute of Technology
12 In Vitro Interactions of Endothelial Networks and Cancer Cells in Sarcoma Eugenia Volkova Johns Hopkins University
13 On the Identification of Interactive Amino Acids for Antibody Design in Flavivirus By Electrostatic Methods Fernando Luis Barroso da Silva University of Sao Paulo
14 Poloxamer 407-Casein Hydrogel for Topical Drug Delivery Louise Lacalendola Tundisi Boston Children's Hospital, Harvard Medical School, UNICAMP - University of Campinas
15 Chemically Powered Janus Micro-Particles Improve Enzyme Catalytic Efficiency Andrew Pan Georgia Institute of Technology
16 Self-Folding Mechanical Traps for 3D Electrical and Optical Sensing of Single Cells Qianru Jin Johns Hopkins University
17 Oxygenation of Solid Tumor Tissue Facilitated By Polymerized Human Hemoglobins Donald Belcher The Ohio State University
18 Directed Evolution of Bacteria-Derived Gas Nanostructures As Acoustic Reporter Genes Robert C. Hurt Caltech
19 Novel Manufacturing Method for Producing Apohemoglobin and Its Biophysical Properties Ivan Pires The Ohio State University
20 Re-Constructing the Vascular Regenerative Niche to Investigate Blood Vessel Formation Michael Blatchley Johns Hopkins University
21 Tuning of Antibody-Biogel Interactions for Enhanced Barrier Properties Jennifer Schiller UNC Chapel Hill
22 Characterization of the Motility and Morphology of Lymphocytes As Biomarker for Aging Haonan Xu Johns Hopkins University
23 Improved Distribution of Generation 4 OH-PAMAM Dendrimers in Gliomas Using Glucose As a Targeting Ligand: Taking Advantage of the Warburg Effect Ambar Jimenez Johns Hopkins Medical Institute
24 CRISPR-Cas12 Mediated Genome-Editing in Oleaginous Yeast Zhiliang Yang University of Maryland, Baltimore County
25 Overcoming Endogenous Pathway Limitations to Improve Anti-Malaria Drug Production in Yarrowia Lipolytica Monireh Marsafari University of Maryland, Baltimore County
26 Metabolic Engineering of Yarrowia Lipolytica for De Novo Synthesis of 2-Phenylehtanol from Sustainable Low-Cost Feedstocks Yang Gu University of Maryland, Baltimore county