ICBE Poster FAQ's

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You can submit Posters to the conference through the Call for Papers. Be sure to mark that you want a Poster presentation rather than an Oral presentation. 

Poster FAQs

What size are the poster boards?

The live display of poster boards is normally 30"x40". Please email us at bio@aiche.org to confirm size required.

What do I use to put my poster on the actual board?

AIChE supplies push-pins to put up your display.  You can pick up the push-pins when you enter the poster area.

Is there any audio visual equipment allowed in poster sessions? 

No, electronic AV equipment is not allowed.

Are electrical outlets supplied to the poster boards?

Electricity is NOT supplied to poster presenters.

How do I locate the poster board I should use for my poster presentation?

AIChE will provide you a list of presentations with the poster board number next to your paper title.

When should I set up my poster?

Posters can be set up between 11 am and 4 pm on Sunday, January 13th. They should be taken down by noon on Wednesday, January 16

How should my poster look on the board?

It should be done so that the viewer can easily follow it - type should be large enough to be viewed from several feet away - flow charts should be simple, leaving more complicated explanations to verbal interaction between the presenter and the viewers. Some guidlines to improve your poster can be downloaded below.

Guidelines for Improving Your Poster

When should I take down my poster?

Posters must be removed before Wednesday at noon.