Day 1: Speed to Clinic | AIChE

Day 1: Speed to Clinic

The Speed to Clinic session is dedicated to case studies, novel technologies, and strategies that can accelerate the pace of biopharmaceutical development and entry of new therapies into clinical trials. Examples of novel approaches applied in COVID-19 therapy development and challenges and learnings that could be applied more broadly from those case studies would be particularly welcome. Other potential topics may include technical advances in cell line, bioprocess, analytical, formulation development, the integration of these efforts, application of platform and prior knowledge, and novel regulatory, development and manufacturing strategies that enable faster timelines to the clinic. Examples from alternative modalities such as nucleotide-based therapies would also be welcome. By comparing various approaches, challenges and successes across different examples, it is hoped that this session will help illuminate advances that can be applied to both future pandemic and non-pandemic-related development.