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D.I.C. Wang Award for Excellence in Biochemical Engineering

Professor Daniel I.C. Wang has made tremendous contributions to the biochemical engineering profession and biotechnology community, both in this country and internationally. He has been a pivotal leader in developing the biotechnology industry and in shaping biochemical engineering education and training over the past five decades. His mentees, including former students, staff, post-doctoral fellows, faculty, and visiting fellows, have played major roles in advancing biotechnology worldwide through their occupation of key positions in industry and academia. This endowment award is a tribute to his contributions and leadership in defining the field of biochemical engineering.

Through his career at MIT and his advisory roles to pharmaceutical, biochemical, and service industries, Professor Wang exemplified innovative problem solving through fundamental engineering principles, bridging innovative research and industrial commercialization through the hands of an engineer and the mind of an entrepreneur, extending research innovations to process technology.

Interview with 2019 Winner Douglas S. Clark

    Nomination Packet (Documents) 


    This annual award recognizes individuals for their contributions to the field and to the practice of biochemical engineering through their position in industry or academia as exemplified by Professor Wang in his 50 years of contributions.

    In appreciation of Professor Wang’s long commitment, dedication, and contribution to the Biochemical Technology (BIOT) division of American Chemical Society, the Division of Food, Pharmaceuticals and Bioengineering (Division 15) of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, and the Society for Biological Engineering (SBE), this award is administered by SBE and will be presented to the awardee in alternate years at the AIChE Annual Meetings (Fall) and at the ACS spring meeting. The endowment shall provide the monetary award to the selected awardee annually.

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    DeadlineMarch 31, 2025
    AdministratorsSociety for Biological Engineering (SBE)
    PresentationThis award is presented in alternating years at the AIChE Annual Meeting (odd years) and the ACS Spring Meeting (even years). In 2024 the award will be presented at the BIOT/ACS Spring Meeting. The D.I.C. Wang Award Lecture returns to the AIChE Annual Meeting in 2025
    Nomination Instructions

    Nomination Procedure

    1. There are no restrictions on who may nominate individuals for this award and an announcement of solicitation will be made annually through portals of SBE, Division 15, and BIOT of the ACS. Nominations shall be submitted to the Nomination Committee (NC) by email at sbeawards@aiche.org.
    2. The nomination documentation may consist of a nomination form, the nominee’s resume, a letter from the nomination committee, and may also include supporting letters. Individuals recommended by the NC along with documentation also will be submitted to the Selection Committee.
    3. The Nomination Committee shall be composed of three past awardees (each serving a three year term) and shall look out for individuals who have made major contributions through research, education, or practice of biochemical engineering. The NC shall look especially at those from industry whose colleagues tend not to be familiar with the nomination process. The members of the nomination committee are to be nominated by SBE and approved by the chairs of Division 15 and BIOT.

    Selection of the Awardee

    Selection Committee

    The selection committee meets in alternating years.  In odd years, the selection committee convenes to review submitted nominations, and selects two winners:   The first, whose award will be given at the AIChE Annual Meeting in the current year, and  the second winner. who will be recognized at the ACS/BIOT meeting  the following year (typically, the ACS Spring Meeting).   The selection committee does not meet in even years.  Nominations received in even years will be held for the next selection cycle.

    The chair of the selection committee shall be a past award winner and will be nominated by SBE and shall be approved by Division 15 and BIOT. The chair may select up to three (3) past award recipients who are not on the nomination committee to serve on the committee.   The committee will be comprised by past award winners, but should include a member selected by BIOT, Division 15 and SBE.  Division 15, BIOT, and SBE will review and approve the selection committee in December of each year.  

    Responsibility of the Chair

    1. Assemble the committee members.
    2. Distribute nomination documentation.
    3. Oversee the selection process.
    4. If the chair deems appropriate, a confidential discussion through mail or conference call may be conducted at the beginning of selection.

    Selection Procedure

    1. The chair may choose to have a discussion of candidates.
    2. Each member has one vote, including the chair.
    3. The chair may elect to have a two round or three round voting, especially in the case that the number of candidates is large.

    Selection Criteria

    The selection of awardees will be based on the following criteria:

    1. Innovation through research, education, or practice of biochemical engineering
    2. Successful development of new products, processes or services
    3. Research at the interface of biological science and engineering
    4. Significant publication, patents, or technology development in the field
    5. Demonstrated economic or societal impact thru innovation or practice of biochemical engineering. Economic impact would include gross revenues generated by a new product or process, cost savings made possible by a new process, reductions in environmental impact, or benefits to health and safety in the workplace, or of consumers and patients.