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CHO Consortium

SBE has spearheaded and is involved with a number of consortia, including the CHO (Chinese Hamster Ovary) Consortium. Shared Intellectual Property for CHO DNA Sequencing increases production efficiencies and drug development tools for life-saving medicines. Your company could benefit from membership in the Consortium for CHO Systems Biotechnology.  Now that the Chinese hamster and CHO genomes have been sequenced, the consortium is working towards several new objectives aimed at harnessing genomics, with respect to CHO cells. This will improve process robustness and product quality to facilitate the ultimate development and manufacture of biotherapeutics.

These objectives include:

  • Further characterize the Chinese hamster and CHO cell genomes
  • Develop tools to assess CHO production cell line stability
  • Develop the tools for ultimately manipulating glycosylation patterns (“glycosylation pattern steering”) in order to enhance product quality
  • Develop CHO transcriptome analysis tools  

Society for Biological Engineering Forms New Consortium to Speed Biopharmaceutical Development

This updated CHO consortium has received coverage from news agencies like BioSpace:

Society for Biological Engineering Forms New Consortium to Speed Biopharmaceutical Development

Consortium members pool their resources to support the ongoing work. Each member company designates a representative to the Project Management Committee and helps guide upcoming research.  The research will facilitate the use of genomics in enhancing the robustness, manufacturing and quality of biotherapeutics.

There will also be a focus on projects where community effort allows further scientific development to solve industrial problems and provides significant benefits to companies. Sponsoring firms must be corporate members of the Society for Biological Engineering and abide by antitrust guidelines. 

Anti-Trust Guidelines

For more information on how your company can benefit from participation in the CHO Consortium and SBE Corporate membership, contact June Wispelwey, Executive Director.

You can learn more about the initial CHO consortium, which sequenced the CHO genome, at the following press release below.