Yadunanda (Nandu) Budigi | AIChE

Yadunanda (Nandu) Budigi

Director of R&D
Tychan Pte Ltd

Dr. Yadunanda Budigi has more than 11 years of experience in the biotechnology industry and joined Tychan in 2017 as its Director of R&D. At Tychan, Dr. Budigi has led the development of rapid response platforms for infectious disease therapeutics that resulted in three IND submissions in record timelines. Previously, Dr. Budigi served as Associate Director of Research at Visterra Inc where he also focused on developing novel antimicrobial treatments. Prior to this, Dr. Budigi conducted postdoctoral research at Duke University as well as Singapore MIT Alliance for Research and Technology, on mechanisms of bacterial pathogenesis and Biomarkers for disease severity. Dr. Budigi received his PhD from the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore, India, where his research focused on stress response mechanisms in renal diseases. Dr. Budigi has authored over 20 publications on research topics ranging from Bacterial pathogenesis, disease biomarkers and development of therapeutic antibodies for infectious disease.