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Tom Treynor

Co-founder & CEO
R2DIO Inc.

Tom Treynor is the co-founder/CEO of R2DIO Inc and co-creator of its intelligent R&D I/O software platform that helps biotechnologists to make better measurements, design better experiments and make better decisions with their data. As co-founder/CTO of Treynor Consulting LLC, Tom is also a leading Scientific and Statistical Consultant and guest lecturer at UC Berkeley, where he teaches how to accelerate bio-product development by making R&D Quality more measurable, more analyzable and more improvable. While Director of Test Operations at Zymergen, Tom led a team of Fermentation Engineers, Analytical Chemists and High-Throughput Screeners that crafted some of the world’s most accurate strain performance measurement systems. As both a Principal Quality Engineer and Protein Engineer at Amyris, Tom made distinctive contributions to the development of its anti-malarial, fuels, polymers, lubricants and F&F products.