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Patrik Jones

Imperial College London

Patrik R. Jones, Ph.D., Reader in Metabolic Engineering at the Department of Life Sciences, Imperial College London, studied psychology and mathematics at Uppsala University followed by winemaking (B. Ag. Sci. Oenology) at Univ. Adelaide. He co-founded Arakoon wines in 1999 and acted as head winemaker 1999-2004. A PhD in plant biochemistry was completed 2001 followed by post-doctoral research in plant biochemistry (Univ. Chiba) and wine chemistry/sensory perception (AWRI). He was Research Director at Fujirebio Inc 2005-2009. In 2011 he was awarded an ERC Consolidator Grant and at the end of 2013 commenced his first academic position at Imperial College London. He coordinated two research networks, the EU FP7 collaborative project DirectFuel and the Nordic Energy Research project AquaFEED, and is currently partner in the Horizon 2020 projects PHOTOFUEL, FUTUREAGRICULTURE and eForFuel. A common theme throughout the career has been the reconstitution or construction of metabolic pathways, from native to synthetic. The group focus since 2005 is placed on engineering heterotrophic and photoautotrophic microorganisms for the conversion of renewable substrates (N2 and CO2) into chemicals. Key publications: (1) Sattayawat PNAS 2020 117, 1404-; (2) Kallio Nature Commun 2014, 5:4731; (3) Akhtar PNAS 2013, 110, 87-; (4) Akhtar Metabol Eng 2009, 11, 139-, (5) Jones JBC 2003 278, 43910-, (6) Tattersall Science 2001, 293, 1826-, (8) Jones JBC 1999 274, 35483-