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Ophelia Venturelli

Assistant Professor

Dr. Ophelia Venturelli is an Assistant Professor in Biochemistry, Bacteriology and Chemical & Biological Engineering at UW-Madison. She began her appointment in July 2016 after completing a Life Sciences Research Foundation Fellowship at UC Berkeley in the laboratory of Dr. Adam P. Arkin. The Venturelli Lab aims to understand and engineer microbiomes using a combination of high-throughput experimental techniques, computational modeling and synthetic biology. Dr. Venturelli’s postdoctoral research focused on microbial community dynamics and strategies to manipulate intracellular resource allocation. She received her PhD in Biochemistry and Biophysics in 2013 from Caltech with Richard M. Murray and co-advised by Hana El-Samad (UCSF), where she studied single-cell dynamics and the role of feedback loops in a metabolic gene regulatory network. Dr. Venturelli has received several awards including Shaw Scientist Award (2017), ARO Young Investigator Award (2017) and the NIH Outstanding Investigator Award (2017).