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Nicola J. Patron

Molecular and Synthetic Biologist
The Earlham Institute, UK, Department of Engineering Biology

Nicola Patron is a molecular and synthetic biologist interested in regulation of gene expression and developing synthetic biology approaches for pathway and genome engineering in plants. Her current projects aim at tailoring photosynthetic organisms for the efficient production of molecules, and improving the yield and nutritional value of crops. Nicola also co-directs the Earlham DNA Foundry and is an investigator in the OpenPlant Synthetic Biology Research Centre. As a SynBioLEAP fellow, Nicola was recognized as an emerging leader in synthetic biology with a desire to help innovations in the laboratory achieve positive social impact. In that context, she also works on the complex questions of access and ownership that surround genetic sequences, enabling technologies and biomolecules. Nicola has a PhD in plant molecular biology and pursued postdoctoral research on chloroplast metabolism and endosymbiotic gene transfer at The John Innes Centre and The University of British Columbia.