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Morten Sommer

Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

Morten Sommer is Professor of microbiology and Scientific Director at the Center for Biosustainability at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). Morten Sommer received his MSc in physics from U Copenhagen and his PhD from Harvard U in Biophysics. Before starting his own lab Morten Sommer worked with professors George Church, Stephen Quake and Sine Larsen on microfluidics, metagenomics and antibiotic resistance. Morten Sommer now works on understanding and harnessing evolutionary processes and biological diversity.  Genome and metagenome wide screens and perturbations are used in conjunction with synthetic biology tools to understand the evolution and phenotypic stability of biosynthetic processes, drug resistance and complex microbial communities. Also, microbiome synthetic biology is used to generate new therapeutic modalities for treating human diseases.  Morten Sommer is a cofounder of several companies in the life science industry and has published >100 manuscripts, including several patents and patent applications licensed to public and private companies in the US and Europe.