Mark Mimee | AIChE

Mark Mimee

Group Leader in the Lu Lab
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Mark Mimee PhD is a Group Leader in the Lu Lab, which is affiliated with the Biological Engineering Department, the Research Laboratory of Electronics, and the Synthetic Biology Center at MIT. He obtained his B.Sc. in Microbiology & Immunology at McGill University and completed his PhD under the supervision of Timothy K. Lu in the Microbiology Program at MIT, during which, he was an HHMI International Student Fellow as well as a Qualcomm Innovation Fellow. His research focuses on developing fundamental technologies to facilitate microbiome engineering. These strategies include using natural and modified bacteriophages to remodel microbial communities, genetically engineered commensal organisms to modulate host immunity, and interfacing bacterial biosensors with microelectronics to detect biomarkers in the gut. Together, these approaches enable both basic and translational research on elucidating host-microbe interactions to address major unmet clinical needs.