Kim Boutilier | AIChE

Kim Boutilier

Senior Researcher
Wageningen University & Research

Kim Boutilier is a scientist in the Plant Developmental Systems group at Wageningen University and Research. The research in her group is focused on understanding the molecular basis of cell totipotency in plant tissue culture. The group uses a wide range of techniques, including high-throughput genomics, chemical biology, cell biology, and molecular-genetic analysis, with an emphasis on transcription factor function, to identify the signal transduction pathways that instruct differentiated cells  to develop into embryos in vitro. This fundamental knowledge is also used to find practical solutions for the major bottlenecks encountered during plant propagation through tissue culture. The current topics in the group include the intersection between auxin and stress during in vitro embryo induction, transient transcription factor-mediated regeneration, and BABY BOOM signalling pathways.

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