Isaac Hilton | AIChE

Isaac Hilton

Assistant Professor
Rice University

Isaac Hilton is an Assistant Professor of Bioengineering at Rice University and a CPRIT scholar in cancer research. He has interdisciplinary expertise in precision genome and epigenome engineering, mechanistically dissecting and programming human cell functions, and harnessing human cells to better understand and combat diseases.

The goal of the work in the Hilton lab is to better understand how human cells behave so that better genetic medicines and cell-based therapeutics can be developed to prevent, treat, or cure different classes of human diseases. To accomplish this overarching goal, the Hilton lab develops and applies innovative biomolecular technologies to elucidate and synthetically reshape i) how human genes are expressed, ii) how human cells run biological programs, and iii) how human disease phenotypes manifest and respond to defined perturbations.

Professor Hilton is also dedicated to cultivating, and continually refining, a philosophy of mentorship and training that empowers the next generation of world class leaders in biomedicine and engineering. Further, Professor Hilton is a first-generation college student from a highly socio-economically disadvantaged background who strives to create a more supportive and inclusive environment to help build a more societally representative, equitable, and diverse cadre of future leaders in biomedicine and engineering.