Hiroyuki Kojima | AIChE

Hiroyuki Kojima

Corporate Vice President
Ajinomoto Co., Inc.

Dr. Hiroyuki Kojima is a corporate senior vice president and general manager of the R&D Planning Department at Ajinomoto Co., Inc. He received his bachelors, masters and doctorate degrees in Agricultural Chemistry from the University of Tokyo.

He has held numerous positions at Ajinomoto. He began his career as a principle researcher in the company’s central research laboratories. Later advancing to an engineering position at Ajinomoto Eurolysine, followed by deputy general director in Genetica Research Institute, general manager of Fermentation and Biotechnology Lab, general manager of Process Development Lab, deputy general manager of Aminoscience division, and general manager of Research Institute for Bioscience Products and Fine Chemicals. Specializing in research & development, production and regulatory affairs in fermentation and biotechnology, he currently leads as the company’s corporate senior vice president and general manager of R&D Planning and Development.

Dr. Kojima’s memberships include being an internal auditor of the Agricultural Chemical Society of Japan, deputy branch head of east Japan branch for the Japanese Society for Biotechnology, vice president of Japanese Society for Amino Acids Sciences (2017), and the Japanese branch head for the International Council on Amino Acid Science.