Heather Pangburn | AIChE

Heather Pangburn

Core Research Area Lead of Systems Biology for Performance
Air Force Research Laboratories

Heather Pangburn, PhD, is Core Research Area Lead of Systems Biology for Performance, overseeing and conducting research related to the mechanisms contributing to performance optimization. Dr. Pangburn brings 10+ years’ experience in toxicology, molecular biology, cell biology and biochemistry. She received her PhD in Molecular Toxicology from the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center wherein she examined the biologic and biochemical mechanisms of the chemopreventive effects of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. She subsequently executed her postdoctoral fellowship in the Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Biology Program at the University of Colorado Denver studying genetic pathways and identifying genetic alterations that occur in acquired skin diseases such as cancer. Following her fellowship, Dr. Pangburn served as Research Scientist and Radioprotection Team Lead in the Human Signatures Branch of Air Force Research Laboratories 711th Human Performance Wing where she led a team of scientists in identifying and exploiting molecular mechanisms to provide enhanced human performance and injury protection to the warfighter in high radiation environments.   Before moving to her current position she was the Lead Research Toxicologist in the USAF School of Aerospace Medicine, Department of Aeromedical Research, providing scientific leadership, direction and management to a diverse cross-functional team of 20 conducting Systems Biology research related to Force Health Protection (FHP) to include hazard detection and air quality monitoring, applying precision medicine/total exposure health efforts that employ high throughput in vitro methods and in vivo (human subject) studies, systems biology approaches and computer-based modeling to evaluate substances for possible effects on human health. Dr. Pangburn has also worked in industry, providing primary strategic technical product development support for molecular diagnostic assay activities required to prepare for launch and to support product aftermarket launch in the Molecular Diagnostics Division of Abbott Laboratories.