Gerald Schwank | AIChE

Gerald Schwank

Assistant Professor
ETH Zurich

Gerald Schwank started his group as an Assistant Professor of Stem Cell Biology & Disease Modeling in October 2014. He studied Genetics and Microbiology at the University of Vienna, and obtained his PhD in 2009 from the University of Zurich under the supervision of Prof. Konrad Basler. During his PhD he studied growth control in the Drosophila wing disc epithelium, and found that complementary gradients of growth factors drive uniform cell proliferation. After an additional two years at the University of Zurich as a postdoctoral fellow, he moved in 2011 to the Netherlands to the lab of Prof. Hans Clevers. There he focused on technologies that allow in vitro long-term expansion of somatic stem cells. He earned recognition for his work on genome editing in somatic stem cells. He was awarded with the SNSF Advanced Postdoc Fellowship and the HSFP Long-Term Fellowship.