Atul Patel | AIChE

Atul Patel

Head of Global Medical Device and Packaging

Atul heads the Global Medical Device and Packaging team, at Biogen. With Biogen focussing on multiple modalities such as Proteins, Small Molecules, Antisense Oligonucleotide and Gene Therapy in the Neurodegenerative and Rare diseases area, his team leads technology development and manufacturing technology support of drug delivery systems like, Lyo IV delivery, Syringes, Pen, Autoinjectors, On Body Drug Delivery systems, Implantable drug delivery devices, with a focus on delivery to Central Nervous System CNS.His team is also engaged in Clinical activity monitoring digital devices.

He has been exposed to medical devices for last 25 years, including his work at Becton Dickinson (BD), in the Sample Collection disposable devices and Self Injection device areas.