Alicia Potuck | AIChE

Alicia Potuck

Investigator, Drug Product Design and Development
GlaxoSmithKline Pharma GmbH

Dr. Alicia Potuck is no stranger to innovation. On a daily basis, she constantly searches for those creative sparks to incite innovative and out-of-the box thinking to deliver a deeper scientific understanding of drug product development. Jumping in feet first from her graduate work in biomaterials for wound healing, Alicia leveraged her scientific curiosity first in cosmetic semi-solid formulation development at Avon, then pivoted to pharmaceutical semi-solid formulation development at GSK. At her current role in Drug Product Design at GSK, Alicia is challenged to harmonize innovation, patient centric design, and deep scientific understanding to deliver a robust and safe product for market. Alicia has worked on key design platforms including semi-solid cream and gel formulation and characterization, modified release for oral solid dose, and long acting parenteral formulations.