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New Products: February 2021

New Products

Environmental, Health, and Safety

Portable Safety Device Is Equipped with a Durable Case


The Semelex Safetimeter diagnostic system for analyzing machinery stopping time is now available with a durable case made from a highly visible yellow plastic resin. Personnel that work with stamping presses or other machinery with moving parts must work from a safe distance to prevent potential accidents. This device can accurately measure the stopping time of machines with reciprocating or rotary motion and determine the minimum safe distance between personnel and equipment to comply with U.S. federal and state requirements. The updated case is lightweight, waterproof, crushproof, and dustproof, making it suitable for harsh conditions. The case has an automatic purge valve that equalizes air pressure, a watertight lid, over-molded rubber handles, and stainless steel hardware.


Leak Monitor Detects Ammonia


The Chillgard 5000 leak monitor provides reliable ammonia gas detection to protect personnel and equipment. Photoacoustic infrared (PAIR) sensor technology provides a rapid response at concentrations as low as 10 ppm. PAIR sensors are not affected by changes in temperature and humidity, which helps minimize drift in measurements and ensures consistency. The device includes integrated Modbus and BACnet for direct digital communication with a centralized control system, such as a distributed control system (DCS) or programmable logic controllers (PLCs). In addition, the device has a 7-in. local user interface with a touchscreen color display.


Radon Detector Has a Compact Design


The EcoQube is a palm-sized detector that monitors radon — a naturally occurring radioactive gas that emerges from certain geologies — to ensure a safe indoor environment. The detector utilizes patented ion-chamber radon detection technology, which provides radon measurement sensitivity that outperforms the industry standard required for continuous radon monitors. It has high detection performance of 30 counts per hour per picocuries/L (pCi/L). The device can connect to WiFi to enable advanced internet of things (IoT) communications. It pairs with a user-friendly smartphone app for setup, configuration, and real-time monitoring of radon levels.


Area Monitoring Kit Detects Hazards


The X-site Live enables real-time, scalable area monitoring for up to seven toxic and combustible gases, as well as gamma radiation. The device incorporates the FirstNet nationwide wireless broadband network to ensure reliable public safety communications with first responders. The kit includes the portable X-am 8000 gas detector, Mirion Accurad gamma radiation detector, and display and connectivity devices in a convenient, easy-to-carry case.


Operations and Maintenance

Wireless Condition Monitor Protects Hygienic Equipment


This wireless condition monitor is designed for rotating equipment, such as pumps, mixers, and agitators, used in hygienic process environments. The monitor enables manufacturers to protect critical assets, ensure process uptime, improve worker safety, and reduce maintenance costs. It tracks three of the most widely used parameters for detecting and diagnosing equipment faults: equipment vibration, temperature, and total runtime. Maintenance staff can observe these equipment parameters directly on the user interface or through a mobile app.

Alfa Laval

Laboratory Equipment

Compact Vacuum Pumps Operate Quietly


The ECODRY 25 and 35 plus pumps are dry, multistage roots vacuum pumps for laboratory, research and development, and analytical applications. The pumps operate quietly, with a noise level of 52 dB. For comparison, the noise level of a normal conversation reaches 55 dB. The compact pump design delivers high pumping speeds with a small footprint, which allows the vacuum chamber to evacuate quickly and achieve low ultimate pressures. The pumps are oil-free and have a maintenance interval of five years, during which time they can operate without any servicing. In addition, the pumps do not emit any oil vapor or particles, thereby maintaining clean laboratory environments.

Leybold GmbH

Turbopumps Handle Light Gases


The HiPace 350 and HiPace 450 turbopumps are suitable for analytical applications such as mass spectrometry and electron-microscopy. The rotor design of the turbopumps enables high backing pump compatibility and fast pumping speed for light gases, as well as excellent compression. The fore-vacuum side of the pumps include ceramic ball bearings and the high-vacuum side has permanently magnetic radial bearings. The integrated HiPace drive electronics feature a variety of communication interfaces, including ProfiNet and EtherCat. The pumps can run up to four years without service and be installed in any orientation.

Pfeiffer Vacuum

Materials and Chemicals

Fire-Retardant Graphite Enables Processing at High Temperatures


The GrafGuard 280-50N fire-retardant graphite additive for thermoplastics is nonhalogenated and nonflammable. It is designed for specialty polymers with high processing temperatures, such as composites and multifunctional systems with high melting points for injection-molded and thermoformed applications. It has a particle size of 50 mesh (300 microns) and a high onset temperature of 536°F (280°C).

NeoGraf Solutions

Ion Exchange Membranes Provide High Chemical Resistance


The FORBLUE S-Series ion exchange membranes are made from fluorinated resins that provide excellent chemical resistance and enhanced mechanical strength. They are cation exchange membranes with a sulfonic acid group, providing high cation-selective permeability for electrolysis or electrodialysis. The membranes offer ion exchange capacities from 1.0 mEq/g to 1.25 mEq/g, which enables very low resistance with high ion selectivity. The membranes are available in a wide range of thicknesses. In addition, the membranes are available with a polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) fabric that has higher mechanical strength for applications with harsh conditions.

AGC Chemicals America


Electromagnetic Flowmeter Has a Wide Temperature Range


The MIM electromagnetic flowmeter measures the flow of conductive liquids in pipes. The magnetic inductive technology measures conductive flowing media regardless of density, viscosity, or temperature. The flowmeter can handle temperatures from –40°F to 284°F. The electronics are housed a safe distance away from the display and connected to the pipe via a cable from the sensor unit. The sensor is the only component that contacts the media. The device has four configurable optical buttons that display parameters such as flowrate and temperature. The unit can be customized by adding functions such as temperature measurement or maximum flow measurement to the hotkeys for quick access. A color indicator system in the display provides a warning for limit violations. In addition, the flowmeters feature an IO-link to meet Industry 4.0 requirements.

KOBOLD Messring GmbH

Multiparameter Handheld Meter Measures Water Quality


The µdox is a handheld meter that measures several parameters of water quality, including pH, redox, total hardness, acid capacity, and dissolved oxygen. It provides fast, reliable measurements in the field or in a production area. The device measures oxygen in gases and liquids with 1-ppb resolution. The pH electrodes offer temperature-compensated measurements and fast calibration. The unit is easy to operate and can record data from up to eight different measuring points.

Online Fluid Sensoric (OFS)


Software Streamlines Bioprocessing Operations


The Bio4C orchestrator software allows users to remotely monitor multiple bioprocessing unit operations. The browser-based software is a customizable system that optimizes processes and improves quality for biopharmaceutical manufacturing. It connects individual unit operations to a centralized platform for unified visibility and monitoring of regulatory compliant systems and processes. The software provides access to systems, recipes, reports, user accounts, and alarms from a holistic process dashboard.


Fluids and Solids Handling

Sealless Pumps Prevent Leaks


The Hydra-Cell Q330 pumps feature a sealless design to avoid the maintenance problems of mechanical or dynamic seals and packing that can leak and wear. The standard pumps enable flowrates up to 153 gpm (579 L/min) and a maximum pressure of 3,500 psi (241 bar). High-pressure models offer flowrates up to 118 gpm (446 L/min) and a maximum pressure of 4,500 psi (310 bar). Hydraulically balanced diaphragms enable the pump to handle high pressures with low stress, and process abrasive particulates of up to 800 µm. The sealless design eliminates leak paths to prevent hazardous volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions and the cleanup and disposal costs associated with leaks. In addition, the design eliminates the need for external lubrication and maintenance. The pumps can run dry without damage, operate with a closed or blocked suction line, and handle hot abrasive fluids.

Wanner Engineering, Inc.

Magnet Circuit Improves Separation Efficiency


The Xtreme RE7 magnet circuit recovers fine iron contaminants. It offers strong holding force and high magnetic induction, making it suitable for chemical applications. In pull tests, the RE7 magnet is 13–40% stronger than similar magnets. It outperforms previous models, displaying greater holding force, higher gauss, and improved separation efficiency. This technology is available in a variety of products, including grate magnets, plate magnets, grates-in-housing, and tube magnets for dry chemical applications. Product particle size determines which magnetic separator is most effective in removing fines and stray metallic objects.


Valve Gate Nozzle Is Suitable for Small Spaces

The Ultra Helix 250 T2 small valve gate nozzle is designed for injection molding systems in the plastics industry. It has a 12-mm nozzle bore that allows for direct gating in tight locations. The nozzle can achieve pitch spacing down to 15 mm, enabling high cavitation density and small mold footprint. The nozzle has an extended maintenance interval actuation that is designed for leakage-prone resins, such as thermoplastic elastomers and polyethylene. A stem seal along with enhanced thermal management heater technology improves performance and reduces maintenance requirements. An individual pneumatic option offers pitch spacing down to 25.4 mm, providing quick access for maintenance and the ability to individually access valve stems without removing the backing plate.

Husky Injection Molding Systems

Hygienic Checkweigher Improves Inspection Efficiency


The Raptor checkweigher uses an intelligent conveyor removal system and digital process monitoring technology to improve inspection efficiency and reduce product waste. Three configurations are available: a single frame standalone checkweigher, a combination metal detector and checkweigher, and a caseweighing system for ingredient and big bag applications. The device features a tight-fitting conveyor design that enables quick release and disassembly of the deck, belt, motor, and rollers to streamline machine sanitation. In addition, the device has a large 19-in. smart touchscreen that is easy to customize and operate.

Fortress Technology

Bellows Seal Valve Eliminates Stem Seal Leaks


The BSA and A3S bellows seal valves totally eliminate stem seal leaks to maintain plant safety and save energy. The valves include a throttling plug that allows manual regulation to adjust line pressure and flow. They can also be used as a basic control valve or a substitute for bypass lines. In particular, the A3S bellows seal valve is designed to American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Class 800 standards, making it suitable for use with high-pressure steam, gas, and liquid applications.

Spirax Sarco

Low-Profile Filler Accommodates Bulk Bags and Drums


This filler has a low profile for filling bulk bags and drums in areas with little headroom. The filler is equipped with an inflatable bag spout seal, a feed chute dust vent, and a low-profile densification deck that de-aerates material in bags (up to 2 tons) as they are being filled. Operators can use the remote console or wall-mounted panel to automatically inflate bags to remove creases, open a flow control valve or start a feed device, and stop the flow of material once a preset fill weight has been achieved. The vibratory deck de-aerates material in the bag at preset setpoints to ready bags for shipment. Once bags are filled, the controller deflates the spout connection collar and releases the loop latches, allowing operators to remove the palletized bag using a pallet jack or fork truck. The unit can be easily switched to drum-filling mode by positioning the swing arm-mounted drum-filling chute under the fill head discharge port.


Dual-Shaft Mixer Increases Shear


The Model CDA-25 dual-shaft mixer features a high-shear rotor and stator. The rotor and slotted stator mixing head provide more advanced deagglomeration and emulsification capabilities than conventional high-speed disperser blades. The mixer features a two-wing anchor that promotes bulk flow and uniform batch temperature. An anchor agitator feeds product into the high-speed disperser blade to ensure that the mixture is constantly in motion. The anchor is available with scrapers that remove materials from the interior vessel walls to enhance the heat transfer capabilities of the mixer. Both agitators are available for variable speed operation.

Charles Ross & Sons Co.


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