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New Products: December 2020

New Products


Update Improves Modeling Capability


The Multiphysics Version 5.6 software update improves the program solvers and streamlines the handling of computer-aided design (CAD) assembly. The solver solution time is 30% faster than the previous version for many types of simulations. The solvers also use memory more efficiently for multicore and cluster computations. The software update features robust solid operations and accurate detection of gaps and overlaps in assemblies, improving the handling of large CAD assemblies. It supports additional application layout templates and graphic features, including clip planes, realistic material rendering, and partial transparency. The update also adds new modules that improve the modeling and simulation of fuel cells, electrolyzers, polymer flow, and control systems.


Quality Management Software Supports Cloud Capabilities

Q-Pulse quality-management software is now available in a cloud version. The software helps companies effectively manage and mitigate quality, health and safety, and environmental (QHSE) risks. Effective QHSE management enables companies to improve production processes, strengthen supply chains, and deliver high-quality products. The software prioritizes compliance, safety, and quality to align companies around processes that satisfy customers and regulators. It also helps companies manage opportunities, growth, and new quality standards.


Process Modeling Software Incorporates Artificial Intelligence

The aspenONE v.12 software applies artificial intelligence (AI) to chemical process modeling. The system delivers analytics and insights that can improve plant safety, sustainability, reliability, and profitability. The software provides an AI hybrid modeling capability that is specifically designed to move industry toward self-optimizing chemical plants. It enables customers to apply AI to critical processes without additional data science expertise and offers support for users who do not have deep process knowledge or experience. In addition, the software supports cloud capabilities.

Aspen Technology, Inc.

Platform Enables Remote Monitoring and Control


The QCloudServer industrial internet of things (IIoT) system is designed for remote monitoring and control applications. It collects valuable process data from individual sensors, smart devices, machines, and automated equipment and makes the data accessible on the cloud for remote viewing, analysis, and control. The cloud environment is configurable for standard computing, and it can be customized or code can be added based on customer-specific requirements. The visualization dashboards can be viewed on any device with a web browser, such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

Quantum Automation

Software Delivers Reliable Process Monitoring


The Chromeleon 7 Process Analyzer (PA) software facilitates continuous, reliable, and compliant process monitoring for ion chromatography and high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) systems. The software provides data acquisition, processing, and reporting capabilities to inform timely decision-making. It also enables early, accurate detection of contaminants or irregularities that could impact product quality or system integrity. In addition, it offers precise and integrated control over the entire sample and analytical process, allowing for unattended operation.

Thermo Fisher Scientific


Ultrasonic Level Transmitter Reduces Costs


The LST200 ultrasonic level transmitter is designed for industries that require a large number of level measurement devices, particularly water and wastewater treatment plants. It uses intelligent algorithms to detect and automatically compensate for any instability in the strength of the ultrasonic signal. This makes it suitable for use in applications with unstable surface echo from foam or turbulence, such as aeration, disinfection, sedimentation, and flotation thickening. It is also useful in skimmer tanks. The transmitter has a modular design that makes it easy to install, commission, and maintain. It is submersible in water and has a waterproof ingress protection (IP)-68 rating.

ABB Group

Motion Switch Is Compact and Rugged


This compact motion switch is a heavy-duty device that stops the motion of rotating equipment, such as overland conveyors, rotary valves, fans, and other machinery. The switch uses a dry, unpowered 5-amp relay to control two separate output functions, such as equipment shutdown and external indication to a warning light. The switch can support 120-VAC, 240-VAC, or 24-V-AC/DC input power. It is available with a weatherproof or explosionproof cast aluminum enclosure. An epoxy coating is also available for corrosive environments.

Conveyor Components Co.

All-In-One Flowmeter Reduces Costs


The Rosemount 8800 Quad Vortex flowmeter meets stringent safety standards for environments and applications that require safety instrumented systems. It has four independent sensors in an all-welded meter body, which provides built-in redundancies for added safety and mitigates leaks. The all-in-one flowmeter significantly reduces installation costs and fits into less than half the space of four traditional flowmeters. In addition, it reduces piping threefold by eliminating the additional flanges and pipe runs required for the installation of multiple flowmeters.


Industrial Weighing Terminal Meets Strict Hygiene Requirements


The WTX110-D is a user-friendly, industrial weighing terminal for static or dynamic filling or dosing tasks. It has a stainless steel housing that can be used in harsh environments and areas that require compliance with strict hygiene standards, such as the food, chemicals, and pharmaceutical industries. The device connects to both analog and digital load cells. It enables users to connect up to 32 digital load cells, with the option of desktop or panel mounting. The device’s 4.3-in. color display can be set up and controlled via a web interface or mobile app.

Hottinger Brüel & Kjaer

Thermal Mass Flowmeters Operate at High Temperatures


The Proline t-mass F/I 300/500 flowmeters measure several types of gases and mixtures. The measuring system uses software that calculates flow velocity, reference density, corrected volume, and energy flow for current operating conditions. It dynamically corrects for changes in pressure, temperature, and gas composition. The flowmeters have multiple alarm functions, as well as bidirectional measurement capability and reverse-flow detection. They can operate at process temperatures up to 356°F and pressures up to 580 psi. In addition, the devices have an all-metal sensor design that requires minimal maintenance.


Fluids and Solids Handling

Dry Vacuum Pump Can Be Disassembled Easily


The CLAWVAC dry vacuum claw pump is designed for rough vacuum applications, such as the handling of particle- and vapor-contaminated gases. Its modular design allows for quick dismantling, opening, and cleaning. The pump is suitable for food processing, packaging, drying, and sterilization. The pump features stainless steel rotors and a corrosion-resistant coated vacuum chamber that can withstand harsh process conditions. To reduce wear, the two claw rotors do not contact each other in the pump stator. The claw rotors are also easily disassembled and can be removed without having to readjust the synchronization. The pump is available in three versions with maximum pumping speeds of 65 m3/hr, 150 m3/hr, or 300 m3/hr.

Leybold GmbH

Multigas Detector Measures Low Concentrations


The X-act 7000 multigas detector can measure concentrations of carcinogenic and toxic substances in the low ppb range. The system consists of the company’s MicroTubes and an opto-electronic analysis device. It uses colorimetric chemical sensor technology to deliver accurate results that can replace conventional laboratory analysis. Users control the handheld device with a three-button unit and 2.4-in. color display. In addition, the system is explosionproof and can withstand dust and water splashes.


Mobile Bag Dump Station Streamlines Bulk Material Transfer


This mobile bag dump station uses a flexible screw conveyor and bag compactor to simplify bulk material transfer from handheld sacks, pails, and boxes into elevated process equipment and storage vessels throughout a facility. It is mounted on a mobile frame with locking casters and fold-down steps. The hopper discharges into an enclosed flexible screw conveyor that can transfer most bulk materials. The compactor uses a pneumatic air cylinder that can compress up to 80 bags into a removable bin. In addition, the system has two cartridge filters to collect any generated dust and draw it away from the operator. The filters are easily accessed and replaced using quick-disconnect fittings. The unit is constructed of carbon steel with a durable industrial finish. It is also available with stainless steel contact surfaces or with all-stainless-steel construction that is finished to industrial, food, dairy, or pharmaceutical standards.


Mixer Uses Dual Asymmetric Centrifuge Technology


The SpeedMixer quickly mixes substances of any consistency to produce homogeneous, multimaterial compounds such as liquids, high-viscosity pastes, and powders. The mixer uses dual asymmetric centrifuge technology that combines centrifugal forces from different planes, enabling efficient mixing without the use of mixing blades. Programmable cycles ensure that each batch recipe can be easily reproduced, which helps streamline the development process. The mixer also features vacuum technology for applications that require complete air extraction. The device mixes in small and large disposable vessels that are available with volumes of up to 16 L.

Hauschild GmbH

Materials and Chemicals

Flexible Acrylic Sheet Simplifies Processing


The ShieldUp Flex acrylic sheet can be bent manually without any thermoforming. Eliminating the thermoforming step significantly simplifies processing and provides manufacturers with design flexibility. The acrylic sheet offers good visibility and shock resistance, even under extreme weather conditions. It is also chemical and impact resistant, making this material suitable for applications that require transparency, durability, shock resistance, and flexibility. It is an ideal material for personal protective equipment (PPE).

Altuglas International

Operations and Maintenance

Handheld Human-Machine Interface Is Programmable


The HG1P handheld human-machine interface (HMI) is lightweight and portable. It features a high-resolution, 4.3-in. color touchscreen that accurately displays process information. The touchscreen border has 12 physical momentary function keys (F1 to F12) for application-specific programming. It also features a hardwired emergency stop button, a selector switch, and a three-position enabling switch. The handheld HMI has contoured handgrips, a hand strap, and a wall-hanging bracket to simplify operation. It is available in both serial and Ethernet models.

IDEC Corp.

Laboratory Equipment

Spectrometry Analyzer Has a Wide Range of Detection


The SPECTROGREEN twin interface (TI) is an inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry (ICP-OES) analyzer. It accurately analyzes elements at trace and higher concentrations in challenging matrices, such as wastewaters, soils, and sludges. It can analyze organic and metal samples, as well as samples with high salt content. The analyzer combines axial and radial plasma views to optimize sensitivity, linearity, and dynamic range while avoiding matrix interferences. It features a GigE readout system that improves spectra processing and increases transport speeds. In addition, the device requires no external cooling.

SPECTRO Analytical Instruments


Flash Pasteurizer Extends Shelf Life of Materials


The Innopro BoxFlash flash pasteurizer extends the shelf life of materials and beverages through continuous, gentle pasteurization. It integrates easily into existing lines and can pasteurize at rates up to 100 L/hr. The pasteurizer features a modular design and is shipped as a complete unit to reduce logistics costs by at least two thirds and considerably shorten the time needed for installation and commissioning. In addition, the pasteurizer is available with an optional clean-in-place module that can facilitate cleaning in place.

KHS Group


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