Books: August 2019


Chemical Process Safety: Fundamentals with Applications, 4th Ed.

Daniel A. Crowl and Joseph F. Louvar, Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River, NJ, $160, 656 pages, June 2019, ISBN: 978-0-134-85777-0


Process safety has transformed over the past few years, as many key concepts have been dramatically consolidated. This book links relevant academic concepts to modern industrial practices to help students and engineers safely design and operate any process.

The fourth edition of the guide reflects major recent advances in process safety technology and practice. Readers will find extensive new and updated coverage of relief sizing, hazards identification, risk assessment, and many other topics. Each chapter has been overhauled, and several have been completely rewritten. The book also includes 50 new problems and solutions, as well as 25 new case histories. A companion website includes information from previous editions that was removed to reduce the page count and shift the focus to more-important content.

The Fundamentals of Process Intensification

Andrzej Stankiewicz, Tom Van Gerven, and Georgios Stefanidis,...

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