CEP: July 2018

This month's article on designing inherently safer piping discusses regulations and standards that should be considred when designing a piping system and highlights elements of these codes and standards that are commonly overlooked. Other topics in this issue include distillation tray efficiency and cultivating and sustaining motivation


Tune In, but Don’t Tune Out

Shortly after Apple introduced the iPod in 2001, people began wearing earbuds in the office, presumably so they could listen to music while they worked. It seemed to be a generational thing, and some of my generation considered that behavior, which some saw as “tuning out,” inappropriate. As open-plan offices have become the norm, so have headphones in the workplace, and their acceptance...

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Predict Distillation Tray Efficiency

Reactions and Separations
Markus Duss, Ross Taylor
An empirical technique — the O’Connell correlation — is widely used to estimate the efficiency of cross-flow trays. This article proposes a modification and clarifies the relationship between the empirical and theoretical approaches.

Design Inherently Safer Piping

Fluids and Solids Handling
Steve Streblow, P.E.
Several regulations and standards should be considered when you are designing a piping system. This article highlights elements of these codes and standards that are commonly overlooked.

Cultivate and Sustain Motivation

Career Catalyst
Chris Helbling
Motivation can be nebulous, appearing and then simply disappearing. In a team environment, it is vital that you ensure it stays put to drive results and reach goals.
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