CEP: February 2018

Part two in our three-part series on analyzing the performance of pump networks discusses energy efficiency measures and presents a new way to account for variation in pump efficiency. Other topics in this issue include liquid-liquid extraction in pilot plants; Global Outlook: Hungary; and dimensional analysis and educated guessing.


Don’t Get Complacent

This issue’s Spotlight on Safety (p. 43) author, John Herber, reminds us of the need to maintain a sense of vulnerability. This need is so critical that the first tenet of the Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS) Vision 2020 is a committed culture in which all employees maintain a sense of vigilance and vulnerability. Although previous CEP articles and Process Safety Beacons have dealt with this topic, it bears revisiting...

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Pilot Plant Testing for Liquid-Liquid Extraction

Reactions and Separations
Donald Glatz, Brendan Cross, Thomas D. Lightfoot, P.E.
When designing a liquid-liquid extraction column, pilot plant testing generates the data necessary for accurate scaleup to the production rate. This article describes how to optimize pilot plant testing.

The Chemical Industry in Hungary

Global Outlook
Jun Yow Yong, Jiří Jaromír Klemeš, Ferenc Friedler, Petar Sabev Varbanov, Csaba Deák
Restructuring and investment underpin export growth in Hungary’s chemical industry. With continued investment in research and development projects, the country is on track to become a net exporter of chemical products.

Combine Dimensional Analysis with Educated Guessing

Computational Methods
Cedric J. Gommes, Tristan Gilet
Use dimensional analysis and educated guessing to simplify experimentation and simulation, gain physical insight from empirical relationships, and extrapolate data.
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