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New Products: October 2016


Product Focus: Laboratory Equipment

Disposable Glove Offers Chemical Protection and Comfort


Lab researchers perform delicate tasks every day, such as manipulating eyedroppers, tweezers, and syringes. Traditional disposable gloves provide high dexterity, but only protect against chemical splashes for short periods of time. Researchers need gloves that protect against a wide range of chemicals for longer periods of time, while offering tactile sensitivity and dexterity. The Microflex 93-260, a thin, single-use glove, fulfills these requirements. Its novel, three-layer design consists of a solvent-resistant exterior, an acid- and base-resistant middle layer, and a smooth interior layer for easy donning.


Automated Liquid-Handling System Speeds Processing


The FlowCam ALH automated liquid-handling system can process up to 96 samples per run without operator supervision, which eliminates the potential for human error in sample handling and pipetting. Featuring a self-contained, protective enclosure and a compact footprint, the system is contaminant-resistant and is suitable for cleanrooms. The FlowCam ALH should be used in conjunction with the company’s FlowCam 8000 Series particle imaging and analysis system, which can detect, image, and characterize thousands of individual particles and microorganisms in seconds. The combined equipment can perform particle characterization, protein analysis, and quality control in drug development applications.

Fluid Imaging Technologies, Inc.

Ductless Enclosure Protects Researchers from Nanoparticles


Much is unknown about nano-particles, although research suggests that certain types are toxic to humans. The Purair NANO was designed to protect researchers from nanoparticles that range in size from 1 nm to 100 nm. The enclosure has a stainless steel frame, powder-coated fan filter unit, and dual-filtration options to ensure superior containment. It is suitable for use in the processing of carbon nanotubes, lithium batteries, and rare earth metals, among other applications.

Air Science USA

Balances Take Weighing to New Limits


A new user interface for the XPR balance line — which includes the XPR10 micro balance and the XPR6UD5 ultra-micro balance — allows users to swipe through menus when programming or running tasks. The line features a new weighing pan, USB data-transfer, and a two-screen display. The XPR10 micro balance has a capacity up to 10.1 g and readability down to 1 μg, while the XPR6UD5 ultra-micro balance has a capacity of 6.1 g and readability down to 0.5 μg. The XPR6UD5 also offers heightened stability, ongoing quality assurance checks, and user profile storage.

Mettler Toledo

Robust Gas Chromatograph Improves Productivity


The Intuvo 9000 gas chromatograph was designed with the laboratory technician in mind. It can self—identify installed components and self—configure testing methods, which helps boost productivity. When coupled with mass spectrometry, the system is ideal for high-throughput contract laboratories, and for labs handling challenging sample matrices. The column within the gas chromatograph features novel Guard Chip technology, which extends column life and eliminates the need for column trimming.

Agilent Technologies, Inc.

New Products


System Enables High-Speed Single-Cell Encapsulation


The Single-Cell RNA-Seq is a compact, scalable system that enables rapid, reproducible droplet encapsulation of individual cells, allowing up to 10,000 single-cell libraries to be generated in one 15-min run. A 500-μL sample of cells and oligo-barcoded beads can be encapsulated in monodisperse droplets — each containing a single cell. The unit incorporates all the components required for cell encapsulation, including the hardware, such as pumps, flow sensors, connectors, and high-speed camera and microscope, as well as the software and accessories. The glass Single Cell RNA-Seq chip offers fast run times, long life, and ease of use. Installation and user training are provided with each unit.

Dolomite Bio


Transmitter Accepts Multiple Inputs Simultaneously


The Liquiline CM44P multichannel analyzer transmitter accepts up to 16 inputs from analytical sensors and transmits them via a 4–20-mA highway addressable remote transducer (HART), Profibus, Modbus, or Ethernet/industrial protocol (IP) signal. It accepts inputs from up to two process photometers and four analytical sensors, including pH, oxidation reduction potential (ORP), conductivity, dissolved oxygen, nitrate, turbidity, and free chlorine. The transmitter performs diagnostics on all connected sensors and analyzers and sends error messages when appropriate. An optional web server allows operators to remotely access the device. This transmitter is suitable for monitoring of multiple parameters in applications such as chromatography, fermentation, filtration, and phase-separation operations.


Distance and Level Sensor Handles Applications with Uneven Surfaces


The LVTX-10 sensor’s low profile enables it to provide continuous measurement of fluids, pastes, or uneven solid bulk materials in tight spaces. It features state-of-the-art dual-sensor ultrasonic technology and processing algorithms that are suitable for applications such as liquid level control, uneven solids control, bulk material management, pipe and conduit blockage detection, conveying monitoring, and position detection. Continuous temperature compensation ensures precise speed of calibration and measurement accuracy. Other features include diagnostic and monitoring outputs, protection from over-voltage, short circuits, and reverse polarity. An integrated mounting plate with preformed holes makes installation easy.


Sensor Tolerates Aggressive Environments


This IP69K-rated, self-contained stainless steel fork sensor is appropriate for challenging environments in the food and beverage, packaging, metalworking, and pharmaceutical industries, among others. The Type 316 L stainless steel housing withstands aggressive cleaning solutions, coolants, and lubricants. The sensor features: normally open and normally closed outputs for easy integration into control schemes; a powerful infrared light for use with mist and airborne particulates; and a red light for easy alignment. The sensor is available in widths of 50 mm and 80 mm.

Balluff, Inc.

Solid-State Actuators Automate Valve Operation


The digital electric actuator series Type EA25-250 features all-solid-state electronics and powerful functionality. The standard features make setup and operation easy, and replacement seamless. The modular actuators can automate a variety of ball and butterfly valves in applications such as chemical processing, water treatment, and refrigeration. They are designed specifically for operation with valves that have a rotating angle of 90–180 deg. A clear display with LED indicators enables fast and easy valve position reading and shows actuator status at a glance, even in low light conditions or at a distance. A variety of smart accessories can be added for additional automation.

GF Piping Systems


Purging Compound Removes Gels and Contamination


Plastics processors require fast color and material changes, as well as effective removal of color and carbon contamination. This UF2-grade compound achieves these objectives. It has excellent compatibility with polyethylene (PE) resins, and it can be purged through a die. It is suitable for blown and cast-film applications, as well as injection molding, and the manufacturer recommends it for color changes, material changes, hot runner cleaning, and shut-down/sealing.




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