CEP: December 2016

Succession planning is a deliberate and systematic effort to identify and develop leaders witihin an organization. This month's article on succession planning describes a six-step procedure that your organization can use to develop an effective succession plan. Other topics in this issue include bow tie diagrams and pump sizing.


Solar Energy is Good for the Soul

The December solstice is right around the corner — marking the beginning of winter in the Northern Hemisphere and ushering in colder temperatures and the prospects of snow and ice. For some of us, it also ushers in the winter blues.

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Look to the Future with Succession Planning

Don McDermott, Sandra Marshall
As experienced individuals retire or leave your organization, make sure business objectives can still be met by establishing a succession plan.

Use the Bow Tie Diagram to Help Reduce Process Safety Risks

Bruce K. Vaughen, Kenneth Bloch
Bow tie diagrams are useful for visualizing process safety risks and safeguards. Although typically used after an incident has occurred, bow tie diagrams can also be employed during a process hazard analysis.
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