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New Products – August 2016


Product Focus: Measurement Equipment

Instrument Measures Density in High-Pressure Services


The CL 10HY-V2 density cell and Series 2000 density digital converter can provide density measurements of ammonium hydroxide, caustic soda, ethylene glycol, methanol, nitric acid, oleum, phosphoric acid, sodium chloride, and sodium hydroxide. The cell measures density in high-pressure applications up to 1,480 psig, operates in a broad range of temperatures, and is explosionproof. With no moving parts, it is low-maintenance and has a long operating life. The accompanying software calculates the specific gravity, concentration percent, etc., using the density and temperature information generated by the density cell. The density converter is shipped ready to use with no programming by the user.


Smart Sensor and Transmitter Are Fast and Easy to Calibrate


The Foxboro Smart pH Sensor (PH10) and Smart Transmitter (876PH) have rugged polyvinylidene difluoride (PVDF) bodies and enhanced smart capabilities for harsh applications that require high performance and easy, fast, and reliable calibration. Calibration parameters are stored in an onboard memory chip, so the sensor can be calibrated at any time. For field calibrations, the precalibrated sensor can be connected to the transmitter, and the transmitter can upload the calibration parameters. The sensor stores parameters such as glass resistance, reference resistance, date of manufacture, serial number, sales order number, and history log to help manage deployment and performance. The transmitter saves up to two unique configuration profiles, facilitating quick and easy changes of parameters.

Schneider Electric

Viscosity Analyzer Enables Fast and Precise Process Adjustments


ViscoSure is a process viscosity analyzer that combines oscillating piston technology with tight temperature control to provide precise viscosity measurement. It controls the internal temperature without using an external oil bath, and it requires little to no maintenance, which maximizes instrument uptime and minimizes the cost of ownership. The sample conditioning system optimizes the instrument’s performance and protects the analyzer from process disruptions. Fast and reliable viscosity measurements enable precise and continuous adjustment of the process, while maintaining a high correlation with industry test methods. The unit is particularly suited to analyzing asphalt, heavy fuel oil, and lubrication oil in distillation tower applications.


Instrument Provides Process Temperature Data without Pipe Penetration


The Rosemount X-well Technology provides accurate and repeatable process temperature measurement without a thermowell or process penetration. This approach eliminates potential leak points and simplifies specification, installation, and maintenance. This nonintrusive device works by measuring the pipe surface temperature and ambient temperature, and combining this information with an understanding of the thermal conductivity properties of the installation and process piping. The system is available in the Rosemount 648 wireless temperature transmitter and Rosemount 0085 pipe clamp sensor assembly, and suitable for applications such as pipelines, high-velocity flow, slurries, heavy­particulate fluids, wellheads, clean-in-place processes, high-­viscosity fluids, and harsh environments.


Dew Point Sensor Operates Among Aggressive Background Gases


The X3 chemical-resistant, chilled-mirror sensor employs optical sensing technology to directly measure dew/frost point in demanding process and laboratory applications. It is available in multiple configurations, and functions accurately in the presence of aggressive background gases, including ammonia, hydrochloric acid, peroxides, semiconductor process gases, medical gases, and other reactants. The sensor has a minimized sample cavity that enables rapid dry-down, fast response, and quick detection of upset process conditions.

Edgetech Instruments, Inc.

Gas Measurement Solutions Are Equipped for the IIoT


Advances in the natural gas market demand that gas-metering data be collected more frequently and in smaller increments, pushing measurement technology toward smart metering. This fully integrated portfolio of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)-ready natural gas measurement and data management solutions is suitable for gas transmission and distribution applications. The end-to-end metering options help to optimize the entire gas value chain, from the wellhead to the burner tip. The portfolio is comprised of five main components: EC 350 PTZ gas volume corrector, Elster rotary gas meter, Cloud Link 4G low-power wireless modem, MasterLink configuration and calibration software, and Power Spring meter data management software. The suite of products provides seamless connectivity and 24/7 access to critical data and diagnostics.


Weighing Instruments Feature High-Speed Operation


The G5 family of weighing instruments includes modular, high-speed systems for process weighing and control, force measurement, factory automation, and high dynamic force measurement. The instruments’ hardware platform features extensive communication capabilities, intuitive operation, easy calibration, and advanced diagnostics. A built-in web server makes setup fast and simplifies parameter changes, enabling remote operation from any PC or mobile device with a web browser and Ethernet connection. The instruments can be panel-mounted or rail-mounted as a more cost-effective option, and they support many industrial communication interfaces.

BLH Nobel

Trace Gas Analyzer Does Not Require Consumables


The LGR-ICOS Model 950 is an online, continuous laser process analyzer that performs highly sensitive, accurate, precise, and rapid measurements of trace gases. It employs off-axis integrated cavity output spectro­scopy (OA-ICOS) technology, which extends optical path lengths many miles to greatly improve sensitivity to gases such as methane, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, oxygen, hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen chloride, ammonia, hydrogen fluoride, acetylene, water, and others. The analyzer is highly selective and interference-free with a wide dynamic range. It does not require field calibration, has minimal preventive maintenance requirements, and does not use consumable supplies. Some applications include monitoring trace components in calibration and industrial-blanketing gases, hydrogen and hydrocarbons, fuel gas and natural gas, and stack gases.


New Products


Transmitter Enclosure Kits Can Be Mounted Virtually Anywhere


The Signet 9900 transmitter rear enclosures feature a hinged or flat cover that allows mounting of the company’s Signet 9900-1P transmitter almost anywhere, including on pipes, walls, tanks, or struts. For additional installation flexibility, holes can be drilled on any side of the enclosure to accommodate wiring in any orientation. The enclosure kits are compatible with all generations of the 9900-1P transmitters and have sufficient room for all accessory modules. They are UL- and NEMA Type 4X/IP66-rated for indoor and outdoor environments.

GF Piping Systems

Flash Drive Stores Sensitive Data in Extreme Conditions


This USB flash drive is portable, miniature, lightweight, and extremely tough, making it suitable for storing sensitive data in harsh environments. The USB 3.0 is faster, smaller, and more user-friendly than previous versions. It is waterproof down to 120 m; resistant to extreme operating temperatures in the range of –40°C to 85°C; and handles exposure to corrosive environments, vibration, and shock. For users that require secure access, the drive can be paired with the UltiMate or MiniMax Series interface. The memory stick is available in standard sizes of 32 GB, 64 GB, and 128 GB, and features an LED activity light.

Fischer Connectors

Engineering Services

Weighing Verification Service Helps Make Sense of USP Revisions


Revisions to the U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention (USP) related to weighing have challenged pharmaceutical manufacturing companies. The changes were intended to reflect the realities of weighing on modern equipment and reduce burdensome daily balance testing. However, while the revisions left latitude for manufacturers to define their own testing schedule based on risk, some quality managers feel uneasy about changing testing procedures even though changes could enhance productivity. To help companies feel confident in their interpretation of these USP revisions, this good weighing practice (GWP) verification service determines the minimum weight of balances and provides a risk-based test plan and standard operation procedure (SOP) to meet all USP and good manufacturing practice (GMP) requirements. Free video tutorials, webinars, and a web-based laboratory expertise library are also available to help users streamline workflows and enhance accuracy and productivity.

Mettler Toledo

Lab Tests Predict Performance at Scale


This expanded test laboratory contains a full range of equipment for documenting the performance of vibratory screeners, centrifugal sifters, fluidized-bed dryers/coolers, mixers/blenders, and size-reduction equipment. Additions to the lab include new models of centrifugal sifters, vertical sifters, kibblers, cone mills, and horizontal mixers. Customers supply a sample of their material for testing, and the lab’s staff extrapolate performance data to estimate the expected performance of the production-scale models to be constructed. Technicians can replicate virtually any process layout and production scenario, even operation at elevated temperatures.


Operations and Maintenance

Modular Platform Simplifies Vessel Repair


Installing a work platform inside a vessel takes time and manpower, which is challenging when repairs need to be completed quickly. This safe, modular, and reusable work platform allows maintenance personnel to perform service work inside conical process vessels. It can be installed quickly and in almost any conical vessel or reactor, Nauta-style mixer/dryer, or single-shaft dryer or mixer. It features lightweight aluminum construction (70 lb), rubber pads to protect vessel walls, and simple installation that requires only a few bolts. Optional features include rescue hatches and other openings and ladders.

Heinkel Filtering Systems


Data Logger Automates Pharmaceutical Cold Chain Monitoring


Temperature shifts of just a few degrees can render vaccines ineffective, causing lost revenue and lost trust among consumers. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that 13.5% of all refrigerated vaccines are subject to accidental freezing during storage. The InTemp CX400 Series of pharmaceutical cold chain management (CCM) products combines Bluetooth low-energy (BLE) networking technology, robust alarm functionality, and automated report generation into a small, easy-to-use logger that automates vaccine temperature monitoring. The series includes high-performance data loggers for monitoring temperatures in refrigerators, freezers, and other temperature-controlled environments. These loggers transmit data and alarm states via Bluetooth to any mobile device using the free InTemp app.


Columns Deliver Accurate, Precise Quantification for mAb Aggregation


AdvanceBio SEC columns help researchers achieve the reproducible results necessary for developing effective and safe biopharmaceuticals. The columns are an advancement in size-exclusion chromatography, which is a key technology used to quantify aggregation in biotherapeutics, such as monoclonal antibodies (mAbs). High resolutions provide more accurate quantification as well as high sensitivity to quantify aggregates, even at low levels of aggregation. The columns eliminate sample rework, simplify analytical-­method transfer, and improve productivity, thereby reducing costs.

Agilent Technologies

Heat Transfer

Heat Exchanger Can Be Repaired In the Field


The Arctic condensing boilers have flexible watertubes that flex and move with the expansion and contraction that occurs during heating and cooling. The tubes are mechanically sealed to the header without welds, which permits field access for tube replacement. The electrical panel, burner/blower assembly, and heat exchanger tubes can all be easily accessed for ease of maintenance. Low waterside pressure drop and minimal flow requirements enable this heat exchanger to contribute to efficient designs. It is available in 1,000–3,000 million Btu models.

Thermal Solutions

Software & Information Technology

Environmental Monitoring System Is Easy to Deploy


This environmental monitoring system, called viewLinc, has been redesigned to offer long-range wireless communication, ease of use, and fast deployment. It provides trends, alarms, and customizable reporting that ensure accurate environmental information from devices that monitor temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, and other environmental data. Based on customer feedback, the developer eliminated aspects of system deployment that were time-consuming or complex, and improved the interface to guide users through common tasks. Wireless communication capabilities leverage logging devices that communicate reliably in obstructed environments.


Instrument Engineering Solution Upgrades User Experience


SmartPlant Instrumentation (SPI) 2016 features significant enhancements to productivity, integration, and deliverables that improve user experience. The Query Builder allows users to find data in context using the relationships in SmartPlant’s engineering language rather than database queries. The Engineering Data Editor (EDE) enables quick data entry, modification, auto-filtering, and comparison; with this element, users can customize the environment to suit a particular task. Dubbed Project As-Built in previous SPI versions, the Project Management functionality lets users scope projects and merge them in a controlled manner. The To-Do List facilitates data sharing and provides access to graphic depictions of the task to be shared.


Modeling Software Expands Access to Multiphysics


The latest release of COMSOL Multiphysics and the COMSOL Server provides numerical simulation specialists with the latest integrated computer-aided engineering (CAE) software environment for creating multiphysics models and building simulation apps that can be deployed to collaborators and customers worldwide. Version 5.2a features hundreds of user-driven features and enhancements, and implements add-on products with an emphasis on accuracy, usability, and productivity. From new solvers to application design and deployment tools, users can benefit from expanded electrical, mechanical, fluid, and chemical design and optimization capabilities. Battery manufacturers and designers can now model complex 3D assemblies in battery packs using the Single Particle Battery physics interface. The Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Module and Heat Transfer Module include a feature that adds a gravity force and concurrently compensates for the hydrostatic pressure on boundaries. A linearized density option in nonisothermal flow is also available. Centralized unit handling will better serve teams working in different units.


Engineering Tool Brings Energy Transparency to Production


The Simatic Energy Suite efficiently links energy management with automation and brings energy transparency to manufacturing. Users can record data on the energy consumption of components such as drives or controls, and display, evaluate, and correlate that information with production data. It is suitable for energy-measuring components from the Simocode and Sirius series (low-voltage controls), Sentron series (low-voltage energy distribution), and Simatic and Sinamics series (automation and drives). Third-party measuring instruments can be incorporated through open interfaces. The software does not require any programming, and can be simply and intuitively configured.




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