CEP: August 2016

Chemical engineers often pick up the use of spreadsheets in a haphazard fashion, and many practitioners miss out on key features and skills in applying Microsoft Excel. The Back to Basics article in this month’s issue reviews several useful features of Excel 2013, and provides you with tips to keep your spreadsheet calculations organized and efficient. Other topics in this issue include catalysts, safety leadership and cloud-based alarm management

Use Spreadsheets for ChE Problem-Solving

Back To Basics
David E. Clough
This article will help you improve your Excel spreadsheet skills and will provide you with tools to solve common chemical engineering problems.

Specifying a Catalyst Bed

Reactions and Separations
Gary Gildert, Jasmin Gildert
Follow these eight steps to work effectively with your catalyst supplier.

Become an Effective Safety Leader

Greg Robinson
Each of us is responsible for developing and encouraging a strong safety culture. One way to do that is to incorporate these five critical safety activities into your daily routine.

Use the Cloud for Your Alarm Management System

Martin Hollender, Philipp Vorst, Aldo Dagnino, Thomas C. Skovholt
Most engineers recognize the need for alarm management systems. What you might not know, however, is that cloud computing can make those systems less expensive, more effective, and easier to implement and maintain.
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