Upcoming ISWS Conferences

Industrial Water Use and Reuse Workshop 2019

November 10, 2019
This workshop aims to address the current status of water usage, treatment, and recycling in the oil and gas sector. We will also review the current and prospect technologies for water usage and sustainability. Submit your abstracts by October 25th, 2019! Submit your Abstract! Register Today!

Past Conferences & Events

Industrial Water Use and Reuse Workshop 2016

October 24-25, 2016
Water is one of the most important resources to support sustainable mining operations. In this workshop, mining and water treatment industry leaders will discuss the latest advances in water efficiency solutions for today and future research.

Water Sustainability for the Pulp and Paper Industry

November 10-11, 2011
This is a 2 day intensive workshop related to water sustainability issues in the pulp and paper industry. The objective is to develop a more detailed best practices effort as the pulp and paper industry moves forward in reducing their water footprint and investing in expanding their water...