Carbon Management's Effect on Water Stress Workshop

October 24, 2013


Chair: Danny Reible, Texas Tech University

Workshop Agenda

This workshop is colocated with the Carbon Management Technology Conference and seeks to explore the negative relationships between carbon and water management.  How does managing carbon negatively impact our ability to provide water in appropriate quantity and quality for our needs and how does managing water negatively impact carbon management?  There are positive aspects in the relationship as well and the workshop hopes to highlight these but to specifically focus on situations and approaches when carbon and water management have competing goals.  Topics to be discussed include the increased water demands of carbon sequestration and the production of renewable fuels as well as the increased water demands of hydraulic fracturing for oil and gas.   To put this information in context, the workshop also hopes to compare water usage for renewable fuels and unconventional oil and gas with that of more traditional sources of energy. 


Proceedings of the Proceedings from Carbon Management Effect on Water Stress Workshop are now available:

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