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Industrial Water Use and Reuse Workshop 2016

Strategies for Sustainable Water Management for Mining
October 24-25, 2016

Water is one of the most important resources to support sustainable mining operations. In this workshop, mining and water treatment industry leaders will discuss the latest advances in water efficiency solutions for today and future research. 


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AIChE’s International Society for Water Solutions (ISWS) hosted a workshop to bring together mining and water treatment industry leaders to discuss the latest advances in water efficiency solutions for today and future research.  Water is one of the most important resources in the mining industry to support sustainable operations.  With increasing pressure on water availability, reducing quality levels for processing, and the need to ensure compliance with increasing environmental regulations, maximizing efficient water use is a critical contributor to the bottom line for mining industry growth.  This workshop brought together engineers across the mining and water treatment industries along with academia to exchange solutions for treatment options and share future research directions.

Attendees at this workshop will discussed the following:

  • Understanding water quality impact to mining operations and cost-effective solutions for treatment
  • How effective water management can: lower the cost of production, optimize production yield, reduce downtime associated with variable quantity and quality of water for operations, extend the lifetime of equipment systems, support compliance with environmental regulations.
  • Future research and topic areas including: ion exchange, membrane filtration and selective adsorption processes for removing trace-levels of heavy metal contaminants; novel adsorptive materials and membranes; water recycle and reuse within the mining industry; and metal recovery from aqueous

Topic Sessions:

  • Water scarcity and quality requirements
  • Efficient water use and reuse for mining/mineral processing
  • Water remediation
  • Breakthrough technology and new approaches

Featured Speakers

Phil Newman

Phil Newman is the Head of Open Forums for Anglo American with a focus on Sustainability. Phil has responsibility for technology development across Anglo American as it relates to water and energy, although the initial focus is on water. Active projects include dewatering, pervasive sensing and eliminating water completely from the concentrating process. Phil has a BSc (Hons) in Physics and a MEng in Mining Engineering. After a brief stint in the oil and gas and construction industries, Phil has worked in the mining industry for over 20 years, designing and constructing paste technology...Read more

Patrick R. Taylor

Patrick R. Taylor a registered professional metallurgical engineer with over 39 years of experience in mineral processing and extractive metallurgy engineering, research, teaching and consulting.  He holds an endowed chair as the George S. Ansell Distinguished Professor of Chemical Metallurgy and is the director of the Kroll Institute for Extractive Metallurgy. Pat is the PI for three projects in CMI and is the CSM CMI Associate Director. He has directed research for more than 100 graduate students and post-docs. He has taught extractive metallurgy and mineral processing university...Read more

Speakers Include:

  • Kashi Banerjee, Veolia
  • Mike Blois, TAKRAF
  • Linda Figueroa, Colorado School of Mines
  • Kari Heiskanen, Aalto University and Outotec
  • David Hoekstra, SRK Consulting
  • Christian Kujawa, ‎Paterson Cooke
  • Houmao Liu, ITASKA Denver
  • Upmanu Lall, Columbia Water Center, Columbia University
  • Tianui Luo, World Resources Institute
  • Phil Newman, Anglo American
  • Matthew Setty, MWH
  • Patrick Taylor, Kroll Institute for Extractive Metallurgy, Colorado School of Mines