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Spring Meeting Accepted Author’s Guide

Speakers Tips & Instructions

Download the speakers guide for instructions on how to record your talk and submit your recording. We've also included lots of tips to make sure you get the best out of your presentation.

Things are different in a virtual world, and to be successful, there is a need to adapt. Check out our updated guide, complete with tips and instructions to ensure your recording is correctly submitted. Click the plus sign on any of the items below for a full description.

  • The duration of your presentation will be a little shorter than in person. Shorter presentations have shown to be more engaging in a virtual format – allowing you to more effectively get your hard work into the minds of attendees.
  • Most talks will be 15 minutes (recorded) with 5 minutes of extra Q&A. Since talks will be pre-recorded, you’ll be able to handle questions live via the text-based chat during the entire talk.
  • Poster presenters will submit a 2 minute (recorded) talk in addition to a PDF of their poster. You’ll also be able to handle questions live via the text-based chat during the entire poster session. Need to know what makes for a good poster? Check out these guidelines.
  • Final recordings will need to be submitted as MP4 files by Monday, March 22, 2021.


2021 AIChE Spring Meeting and 17th GCPS Deadlines

  • Recording Link Submission: Monday, March 22, 2021
  • Paper submission for post-conference proceedings:  Friday, May 21, 2021. See pg. 7 of the Speakers Guide for submission instructions.


Not sure what your next steps are now that you've been accepted or plan to attend the 2021 AIChE Spring Meeting & 17th GCPS? Start off by making sure you address the items below!

  1. Notify all co-authors of the date/time.
  2. Seek approval from your supervisor. Need help? AIChE has created a justification toolkit to help you develop a convincing argument for why you should attend.
  3. Register for the conference. All speakers and contributors are expected to register for the meeting on a paid basis. AIChE’s registration policy is available here and online registration is available at this link.
  4. Begin practicing your talk to ensure the most polished recorded presentation.
    1. An optional power point template is available here.
    2. An option zoom background is available here and here. We recommend only using this if you have a green screen.
  5. Record & upload your recorded presentation as instructed in the Speakers Guide


Oral Presentations & Template:

Poster Presentations:

  • For tips on how to create the best poster PDF, check out the available guidelines here

Post-Conference Proceedings:

As usual, we’d like to give everyone the opportunity to include their full papers and recordings to the post-conference proceedings.

Permission to Upload to the Post-Conference Proceedings

All presentations of this year’s Virtual Spring Meeting & GCPS will be recorded and all recordings will be available in the meeting platform for 30 days after the conference concludes, however if you would like your recording to become a part of the post-conference proceedings, please grant us permission using this form.

You can provide permission by filling out the online copyright license form at the link sent in your 'Recordings & Next Steps' email. This link should take you directly to the form. If you need someone from your company to sign the form on your behalf, please forward them the above link.  Additionally, a printable version of the agreement is available for download on this website. Please fill out the form and return it by scanning and emailing it to

Submitting a Full paper, Slides, or PDF

If you’d like to submit a full paper, presentation slides, or PDF instead of the recording, please do so by following these instructions. Deadline: Friday, September 4, 2020.

Start by going to your personal Confex Portal. Click the "Extended Abstract Upload" link associated with your paper.

Disclaimer: If you do not submit a presentation record, AIChE will use the abstract that was submitted to the Call for Abstracts. All available presenter/author/chair e-mail addresses will appear on the proceedings. We do not require a permission-to-reproduce form; by submitting a presentation record we take it to mean that you, as the copyright holder, have granted AIChE permission to include it in the online proceedings. If you do not wish to have your paper or abstract included in the proceedings, please contact us at

  • If you need to edit a paper that has already been submitted, please return to the submission link provided and reupload the new paper. The old paper can then be deleted. If the reupload is done after the pre-conference proceedings have been posted, changes will only appear in the final proceedings.
  • Past proceedings for Meetings can be found on the AIChE Proceedings site.
  • Proceedings for Meetings prior to 2005 can be found at the Linda Hall Library.


Can I submit my paper/presentation to journals or other conferences for consideration/presentation?

  • Papers selected for presentation at the Meeting are not automatically sent to the AIChE Journal for publication, however authors retain copyright to their paper and may subsequently submit it to any publication.

Does AIChE automatically index my accepted paper in Scopus?

  • AIChE makes the abstracts available to Scopus for indexing, but it is ultimately up to them to determine which abstracts they would like to include. Scopus chooses select topical conferences or programming groups for inclusion, but does not index all abstracts.

How do I contact my session chairs?

  • You can reach your session chairs by clicking on their email address in the technical program. Or, you can write to to obtain their contact information.

How Do I withdraw my presentation?

  1. Notify of your withdrawal. Please provide your name, presentation title and session.
  2. Notify your session chairs of the withdrawal.
  3. If you have already registered, contact AIChE Customer Service and consult the Cancellation policy available on the Registration Information page.

How Do I Update MY Bio & Photo in Confex?

  1. Follow this link to the 2021 Spring & 17th GCPS Confex Speaker Center.
  2. Enter your Confex log-in information associated with your submission.
  3. Upload and save your bio and/or photo.