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Annual Meeting Accepted Author’s Guide

Congratulations on being accepted to present at the Virtual AIChE Annual Meeting!

The AIChE Annual Meeting is accomplished by participation of all who attend the conference and we look forward to the the wealth of knowledge and discussion at this year's Virtual Annual Meeting. Make sure to tell people you're attending the 2020 AIChE Annual Meeting using the special social media hashtag, #AIChEAnnual.

Click the + next to each topic to learn more about presenting at the AIChE Annual Meeting.

Important Deadlines
  • Pre-Recorded Talk Link Submission Due: Monday, November 2, 2020
  • Pre-Recorded+ Presentations Upload Due:  Monday, November 2, 2020
  • Paper Submission for Final Proceedings Due:  December 7, 2020
Planning Checklist

Congratulations on being accepted to present at the AIChE Annual Meeting! Make sure to complete these important steps to ensure your participation at the event.

  1. Notify all co-authors of the acceptance. Acceptance notices have only been sent to presenting authors.
  2. Seek approval from your supervisor. Need help? AIChE has created a justification toolkit to help you develop a convincing argument for why you should attend. 

    Need an invitation letter? A personalized letter can be generated in Confex. Follow the link included in your acceptance letter. If co-authors require visa letters, please contact with co-author information (name, affiliation, email and any other information required in the letter).

    If you require an invitation letter to the Student Conference, please send this request to
  3. Register for the conference. All speakers and contributors are expected to register for the Meeting on a paid basis. AIChE's registration policy is available here. AIChE does not have a grant program that awards funding towards meeting registration or other related expenses.
  4. Begin practicing your talk to ensure the most polished recorded presentation.
    1. For pre-recorded talks: an optional power point template is available here.
    2. An optional zoom background is available here
  5. Record & upload your recorded presentation as instructed in the Speakers Guide. Check out the guides here.
Onsite Logistics
  • Venue: All technical sessions will be held virtually on an online platform. Instructions accessing the virtual platform will be emailed to you via the email address you use to register.

    On the platform, you will be able to:

    • Watch live online presentations from top industry and academic speakers
    • Chat live with fellow attendees and speakers during interactive Q&A sessions
    • View hundreds of posters from top universities, laboratories, and institutions
    • Download valuable educational materials to access later
  • Please check out the Frequently Asked Questions for more resources and information about the virtual meeting platform.
Guidelines and Templates

Pre-Recorded Presentations

  • Check out this speaker guide for some tips and tricks for preparing a great presentation.
  • You can download an optional PowerPoint template for your presentation here. If you do not want to use this template, we suggest that you make your slides 16:9 format. Additional suggested guidelines can be found here.
  • An optional zoom background is available here.
  • Generally, talk times have been standardized to 15 minutes. Please be sure to build in 2 minutes of “dead air” as an intended silence prior to your 15 minute presentation. This will ensure that attendees who view your recording can join without missing your introduction. Simply let the app record two minutes of silence on your first slide (or this slide) before beginning your presentation. Specific date, time, and platform information are included in your acceptance email and can also be found in the online technical program.

Pre-Recorded+ and Poster Presentations

  • Check out this speaker guide for tips on recording your presentation.
  • All presenting authors will recieve an email from the iPosterSessions virtual platform with information on next steps for uploading information.
  • Pre-Recorded+ Presentations have been standardized to 15 minutes.
  • Poster Presenations have been standardized to 3 minutes.
  • All presenters have been assigned a one hour timeslot for Q&A, as noted in the confirmation email. Please make sure that you are available at this time to attend. You will have additional opportunities to interact with attendees, if desired.


We would like to invite all authors to submit a paper (~7-8 pages) or a pdf of their presentation/poster to be included in the Meeting online proceedings. To submit your presentation/paper, you must upload it via the link provided in your acceptance notice.  Suggested guidelines for this document can be found here.

Virtual Meeting Backgrounds

Want an Annual Meeting or AIChE background? Check out our page of virtual meeting backgrounds.

View Backgrounds

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I register for the Meeting?

You can register online or through our customer service team (PDF). Information is available on the main website,  All speakers and contributors are expected to register for the Meeting on a paid basis. AIChE's registration policy is available here

How do I request an invitation letter?

For presenting authors requiring an invitation letter, a personalized visa letter can be generated in Confex. Follow the link included in your acceptance letter.

If a co-author requires an invitation letter, or if you require something additional in your letter, please send the following information to

  • Name of event
  • Proof of registration
  • Full Name
  • Company/University
  • Address
  • Any additional necessary information

Letters will be sent via email as PDFs and will contain general event information such as dates and venues. If more specific event information is required, please let us know.

How do I find my presentation time/location?

The most up-to-date presentation time and location is listed in your speaker portal (link sent in your acceptance notice). This information is also available in the online program and mobile app.

How do I contact my session chair(s)?

You can reach your session chairs by clicking on their email address in the online program. Or, you can write to to obtain their contact information.

How do I request a change to my paper or information?

Please contact us at to request an information change. 

How do I submit my paper for inclusion in the proceedings?

  1. Please start by going to your personal Confex Portal, provided in your acceptance notice. NOTE: If the link shows an error when clicked on, please try copying and pasting the link into a new tab.
  2. Click the "Presentation/Paper Upload" link associated with your paper.
  3. If you need to edit a paper that has already been submitted, please return to the submission link provided and reupload the new paper. The old paper can then be deleted. If the reupload is done after the pre-conference proceedings have been posted, changes will only appear in the final proceedings.

Disclaimer: If you do not submit a presentation record, AIChE will use the abstract that was submitted to the Call for Abstracts. All available presenter/author/chair e-mail addresses will appear on the proceedings. We do not require a permission-to-reproduce form; by submitting a presentation record we take it to mean that you, as the copyright holder, have granted AIChE permission to include it in the online proceedings.

If you do not wish to have your paper or abstract included in the proceedings, please contact us at before the above deadline for pre-conference proceedings submission.

Final Proceedings: If you cannot submit by the pre-conference proceedings deadline, you will be able to submit your paper or slides through the end of the conference. Papers submitted between the above deadline through the end of the conference will only appear in the proceedings made available approximately 6-8 weeks after the conference.

Can I submit my paper/presentation to journals or other conferences?

Authors retain copyright to their paper and may subsequently submit it to any publication or conference. Papers selected for presentation at the Meeting are not automatically sent to the AIChE Journal for publication.

Does AIChE automatically index my accepted paper in Scopus?

AIChE makes the abstracts available to Scopus for indexing, but it is ultimately up to them to determine which abstracts they would like to include. Scopus chooses select topical conferences or programming groups for inclusion, but does not index all abstracts.

How do I withdraw my paper?

  1. Notify of your withdrawal. Please provide your name, presentation title, and session.
  2. Notify your session chairs to let them know if your withdrawal.
  3. If you have already registered, contact AIChE Customer Service and consult the Cancellation policy available on the Registration Information page.