Registration Policy

AIChE's meeting registration policy is based on the premise that AIChE's national meetings are amongst the most prestigious and best attended chemical engineering meetings in the world and that participation in these meetings is beneficial to the individual and his/her company or institution.

Therefore, all participants, including speakers, are expected to register and pay the appropriate registration fee. Indeed, presentation of a paper is felt to be only one form of participation along with chairing sessions, attending sessions and participating in business meetings or other collegial activities.

In certain cases, if conference organizers (Topical Chairs, Group Chairs, and the Meeting Program Chair) feel a particular speaker to be especially important to the effective implementation of the conference and the invited speaker(s) are attending exclusively to present the invited papers, but not attending other sessions, a request can be forwarded to AIChE (Meetings department) requesting fee waiver. This should be done as early as possible in the meeting formation process and in no case should a commitment be made to any speaker without prior approval of the AIChE Meetings department.