Many Virtual Local Section (VLS) events are recorded and published on AIChE's Academy platform. These recordings can be viewed at your convenience. Recent recordings of VLS events are listed below.

The Next Digital Leap to AI (An Interactive Webinar)

Archived Webinar
Jun 24, 2020
Thanks to recent progress, breakthrough results, and demonstrations of artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities in products and services already in wide use, there’s a lot of speculation that AI may...

Is Your Focus Your Magic!

Archived Webinar
Mar 25, 2020
As a consultant, your consulting business is your baby. You have an emotional bond with it and at times it can be just plan frightening. Whether you are starting your consulting business or expanding...

DIERS Technology Fundamentals

Archived Webinar
Feb 26, 2020
This webinar presents an overview of DIERS and its technology: why was the DIERS technology developed, how has it evolved, and what impact has the research had.

A Brief History of Measurement

Archived Webinar
Jan 22, 2020
The history of measurement science, or metrology, spans thousands of years. The bases for the English units of measurement have been defined and refined (and sworn at) over the past 6,000 years...

Using Thermal Imaging to Guard Industrial Facilities

Archived Webinar
Nov 20, 2019
Early detection prevents disaster. Perimeter breach, terrorism, drone intrusion, hazardous leaks, fire… Whether the danger is inbound or outbound, catastrophic incidents in critical infrastructure...

Reactive Chemical Hazards

Archived Webinar
Aug 28, 2019
Incidents due to reactive chemical hazards continue to occur in the manufacturing industry, resulting in loss of life, property damage, and environmental impacts. There are many federal regulations...

Should I Py or Should I Fortran?

Archived Webinar
Jul 24, 2019
Fortran and Python are programming languages with substantially different histories, design principles, and target applications. Yet, they are often found (and used) together in the toolbox of a...