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2019 AIChE Virtual Local Section Elections Candidate Statements (Polls Open Oct 15 to Oct 28, 2019)

December 2018 Newsletter

"2018 AIChE Virtual Local Section in Review" by outgoing VLS chair Sabine Brueske. "Let's Connect," by 2019 chair Kirsten Rosselot. "AIChE is Working to Fill a Void in Undergraduate Process Safety Education," by Dan Miller, VLS Director.

November 2018 Newsletter

The November 2018 webinar presented by Dr. Jim Bielenberg, Chief Technology Officer, AIChE’s RAPID Manufacturing Institute, is titled MODULAR CHEMICAL PROCESS INTENSIFICATION: RAPID and Our Mission to Transform the Process Industries. We extend a warm welcome to the officers and directors chosen in this year’s Virtual Local Section elections. Raj Bhuva wins the fourth annual student competition. We highlight the VLS presence on the Web and in Social Media.

October 2018 Newsletter

Highlights: Oct 18, 2018 webinar on Flameless Oxidation for Heating of Ethylene Furnaces; VLS elections; gift ideas for budding chemical engineers; volunteer opportunity: VLS Newsletter

August 2018 Newsletter

Highlights: - Nominating Committee is looking for VLS members to run for vice-chair, treasurer and two open director positions - Article on "GET THE MOST OUT OF THE DISCUSSIONS ON AICHE’S ENGAGE" - There is still time to join the Student Presentation Competition (abstracts due 8/17)

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June Meeting: The Dow Chemical Story: On Beyond Bromine From the Chair: Lasting Lessons from My Intern Days From the Chair -­‐ Elect: Interns at a Local Section Practicantes de Ingenieria en una Seccion Local

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