Frequently Asked Questions

A warm virtual welcome to all first-time attendees of a Virtual Local Section (VLS) Meeting. The VLS was established to support you through great programming, invites you to join one of more of our subgroups, and offers our meetings at your convenience through archiving our meetings. You can access VLS content from anywhere at anytime. We want to support you in your career growth, in your networking, and in your career search.

The VLS is currently using FuzeBox software to broadcast our meetings using the internet. As you may not have used FuzeBox before, we have included a number of frequently asked questions below to make your joining us simple and effective. If you have other questions, please contact Amanda Robben,

Q: Where do I find the dates and times of VLS meetings?

A: The schedule for VLS meetings is maintained on our website's Events page. Also, if you register to join the VLS, we will add you to our e-mail list so you can get our meeting announcements. The link to join our live meetings will be posted on our web page and will be e-mailed to all VLS members and guests. 

Q: What is the cost to join the VLS?

A: The cost to join the VLS is $10 per year. You don’t have to be an AIChE member to attend VLS meetings although VLS officers must be AIChE members. To become a member of the VLS requires only registering. The VLS is supported by AIChE so we ask all VLS guests and members to join AIChE within a year of registering to join the VLS. This gives VLS members a year to decide whether the benefits of AIChE membership is worth the investment of time and money. 

Q: What do I need to know about FuzeBox?

A: FuzeBox is fairly simple to use. Consider using their training and help at  Also remember it make take five minutes to connect up the first time.  Connect to the meeting using the link from our e-mail or from the VLS Home page.  Once you have connected to the meeting, then establish your audio connection.   

Q: What if I have an audio problem?

A: The biggest issue with virtual broadcasting is not being able to hear the audio. If you can’t hear the presentation, you will be extremely frustrated. We suggest that you consider buying a headphone microphone headset such as a Logitech Stereo Headset H110  or Plantronics 995 (wireless) if you wish to interact with VLS members using audio. If not, you can use your own computer speakers. If you do have trouble hearing the broadcast, a few suggestions such as making sure the sound isn’t muted, turn up the volume on your computer and on your speaker or headset, and make sure your headset or speakers are plugged into your computer. If you have trouble with sound once you connect to our meetings you can send a chat message to our producer and request assistance. >90% of audio problems are the result of the users setup. 
You will have 3 audio options, Skype, VOIP, and a telephone number.  I suggest not using Skype as there have been many problems.  VOIP is an easy option if you have a headphone/microphone headset.  Just make sure you select your headset as the default device, make sure the headset is plugged in and drivers have been downloaded, and make sure you pick the right audio settings for your headset (it might default to your laptop's speaker and microphone).  If you have any problems with your audio, try the telephone option as there are less things that can go wrong. 

Q: What if I have a microphone problem?

A: If you wish to use your headset to communicate with VLS members during, you will need to log in to our VOIP audio connection in Fuzebox. Please make sure your microphone is plugged into the USB or microphone jack before your try to connect to audio in Fuzebox.  If you want to test out your set up, please come to the meeting at least 15 minutes early during our sound check. Note that your microphone will be muted unless you are speaking. .

If you have trouble with your microphone once you connect to our meetings you can send a chat message to our producer and request assistance. Also, try calling in using an old fashioned telephone.  Note that you can disconnect the audio connection without disconnecting from the FuzeBox meeting.

Q: What if I have a video problem?

A: Choppy video or no video at all can both be issues with FuzeBox. Several things can minimize the risk of these issues. First, having a faster internet connection is better and wired internet is faster than wireless. Second, don’t multitask during these meetings. Other activities such as large file transfers may cause these issues. It is recommended by FuzeBox that you exit out of all other programs except FuzeBox during the meetings. Also, make sure you have all of the needed programs installed on your computer.   You might even reboot your computer before the meeting for best performance. 

Q: What if I have an idea for a future meeting topic?

A: We are always looking for speakers and topics for our future meetings. Great programming is what is going to keep you coming back. If you have any ideas, please send them to or fill out our webform for Submitting an Idea

Q: What if I want to get involved in VLS leadership?

A: We are always looking for help. Note that to be an officer in the VLS you have to be a dues paying member of AIChE. Elections are held annually as required in our bylaws. In addition to the bylaw required positions, there are a number of appointed positions. If you have any ideas, please send them to

Q: What if I my company network prevents me from accessing FuzeBox?

A: Normally,  I use FuzeBox from home where I don’t have these issues. I suggest you contact your company’s computer security personnel and ask them remove FuzeBox from their blocked list.