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Impactful Online Meetings

Thursday, April 29, 2021, 9:00pm EDT
Virtual / Online

Impactful Online Meetings

Join us for tips on making your online meetings impactful, as Emil Kresl from UT Austin shares concepts to ensure rewarding and productive virtual meetings.

Working remotely can be logistically and psychologically difficult. Virtual meetings seem to be taking an especially heavy toll. There are, however, ways to use the virtual environment to our professional advantage. During this event you will learn the value of three principles for virtual meetings:

o Explicit expectations and intentions

o Creating a structure for engagement

o Accommodating participants

The intended outcome of this event is to provide participants with the concepts to help ensure that virtual meetings are rewarding and productive.

Speaker Bio

Emil Kresl, The University of Texas at Austin, Director of the Learning & Development office

Emil Kresl is the founding director of the Learning & Development office for The University of Texas at Austin. He specializes in adapting otherwise complex professional concepts and tools for use in everyday life. He believes continuous learning is critical to well being. His book, Self-leadership: The Art and Science of Control, examines behavioral and cultural issues that often hold people back from realizing their full potential. It provides accessible tools and concepts that help people overcome obstacles to be more effective reaching their goals. Emil holds master’s degrees in Public Affairs and Community and Regional Planning.

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