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Flameless Oxidation for Heating Ethylene Furnaces

Thursday, October 18, 2018,
12:00pm to 1:00pm
Virtual / Online
United States

Flameless Oxidation (FLOX®) is a combustion method which was invented and developed 30 years ago in Renningen, Germany. In this presentation Sebastian will provide an overview of the fundamental working principles and provide examples of burner installations in various industries. 

Ceramic radiant tube in test laboratoryImage: ceramic radiant tube in test laboratory

The technology is targeted to limit NOx-formation in furnaces where combustion air preheat is common. TakeOff is marketing this technology in the chemical and petrochemical area and providing furnace engineering for such projects.  A first commercial installation for FLOX-burners in old cracking furnaces of an Ethylene plant is under preparation currently, and the first furnace out of eight – equipped with FLOX-burners – will be put in operation October 2018.

More stringent NOx emissions will require more efforts in industries where little or no combustion air preheat is applied. Cracking furnaces in ethylene plants are such examples where conventional flame burners reach their limits, especially when fuel gases with fluctuating heating values are applied. FLOX®-burners can be installed in new furnaces or be retrofitted in existing furnaces without the need for fluegas NOx abatement (DeNOx/SCR). They offer a guaranteed maximum of 60 mg/Nm3 (29 ppm) NOx-emissions and an expected level of 30mg/Nm3 (15 ppm). Additional benefits of FLOX®-burners are very low turndown ratios and temperature uniformity or customized firing acc. to process heat requirements with increased overall heatflux density. They have broad fuelgas flexibility incl. high hydrogen concentrations as well as low noise emission levels. FLOX®-burners have also been successfully tested in coal dust firing mode. More information can be found here: http://www.bine.info/publikationen/publikation/flammenlose-verbrennung/

Speaker: Sebastian Muschelknautz, Founder and CEO, TakeOff Engineering

Sebastian Muschelknautz joins us from Munich, Germany.  He has his Mechanical Engineering degree and PhD from the Technical University of Munich, and Institute of Thermodynamics.  Sebastian was employed by the Linde Group in various senior management functions before founding TakeOff Engineering in February 2016.

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