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Chemical Engineering Matters

Thursday, September 26, 2013,
9:00pm to 10:00pm
Virtual / Online
United States

Andrew Furlong, Director of Policy and Communication for the Instutution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) will be the keynote speaker for the September 26, 2013 VLS meeting (9:00 PM US Eastern Daylight Time).  He will be discussing "Chemical Engineering Matters", a report by IChemE.  The report asserts that chemical engineering remains central to the delivery of sustainable energy, water, food and human health and wellbeing in all parts of the world. These four themes are assessed in the context of current challenges facing humanity and the report proposes some options for action by chemical engineers and others. Potential solutions and areas of intervention are set out in the form of four ‘Vista Diagrams’ that examine role of chemical process technology in improving quality of life in both developed and emerging economies.

Chemical Engineering Matters also highlights the need for solutions that meet the highest standards in process safety and address the sustainability challenge. The report examines the key role of education, training and research in the future development of the discipline and the need for multidisciplinary collaboration across traditional boundaries. The need for effective communication with policymakers, opinion formers and the wider public is discussed.

The webinar will explore the evolution of the report and the findings of a wide ranging consultation with IChemE’s membership. The conclusions will address a series of key recommendations for educators, learned societies and all those who are working to demonstrate that chemical engineering is a vital part of the jigsaw that is 21st Century living.

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