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The AIChE STS Newsletter (used to be called The South Texan) is published electronically on our website and emailed to our subscribers. The South Texan won multiple awards including Best Newsletter in 2009 and the Marx Isaacs Award for Outstanding Large Section Newsletter in 2003. The newsletter is published during the Spring and Fall season highlighting the monthly dinner meetings, other events, participation of members in activities, awards and other relevant information. There is a summer break between May and September.

Do you have relevant information for us to share via our newsletter?

Please reach out to our communication chair at if you wish to highlight your event and/or other information in our newsletter. We accept content that is of a pertinent nature to chemical engineering, AIChE, or its membership. We promote activities by organizations that are related to AIChE, if we are a co-sponsor or are otherwise integrally associated with the event. We can also promote educational activities by AIChE chapters of universities. We would not accept an article that is essentially "free advertising." These might include information on a new product or service, employment solicitations, or CE courses.

You can access current year's editions by clicking on the PDF links below. Click here to see archives.