2018 Annual Student Conference Workshop Slides

Student Chapter led Workshop Slides

Hosting a Career Fair

Presented by: Alexis Laundry and Michael Nguy, Northeastern University Student Chapter

Impactful K-12 Outreach Programming

Presented by: Emily Brown, Jefferson Quiroz, and Ahmad Yousry, Executive Student Committee

Mentorship Program: Encouraging Underclassmen Involvement

Presented by: Elaine Parkanzky, Elias Tavarez, and Fritz Hyde, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Student Chapter

Corporate Sponsorship

Presented by: Christina Meyer, Joseph McMullen, and Fritz Hyde, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Student Chapter

Diversifying Technical Projects: The Chemical Engineering Introductory Project

Presented by: Richa Ghosh and Steven Drooz, University of California, Los Angeles Student Chapter

Engaging Across Cultures: Sister Chapter Presentation

Presented by: Ellen Khoury and Seguin Guerrero, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Student Chapter

Leadership without Borders

Presented by: Ahmad Yousry, Ayush Mishra, and Andrea Acosta, Executive Student Committee

Why Experience is as Valuable as Your College Degree

Presented by: Lucas Wylie, North Carolina State University Student Chapter